Disc Golf Sets

Purchasing a frisbee golf starter set is a great way to get beginner friendly discs at an affordable price. When purchasing a disc golf set, you typically get more value for your money than purchasing discs individually. Consider the starter sets below to help you find the best value from quality frisbee golf package sets.

Gateway Starter Set

Gateway Disc Golf Set

This Set includes Three Discs A lightweight putter A lightweight suregrip midrange Suregrip or Evolution plastic driver Mini Golf Disc These sets also includes a Gateway product guide. The total MSRP? $30.00. So yes, this is the best deal in disc golf. This set is ideal for introductory disc golfers, or those who want a…Read more

Latitude 64 Entry Set

Lat 64 Disc Golf Starter Pack

If you want premium quality discs that are ideal for beginners, this is the set to get. Latitude 64 is a manufacturer out of Sweden known for its outstanding discs. These discs were designed specifically for beginners. Mid-range discs are often neglected for beginners, so our beginner set includes a distance driver, fairway driver, and…Read more

Infinite Discs Starter Set

Best Disc Golf Starter Set

This package includes some excellent discs for beginners that you won’t find at the average sporting goods store. The driver comes in higher grade plastic that is built to last Infinite Discs Starter Set Includes Putt/ Approach Disc – Myth Many players love the extra control they can get from a big beaded putter. The…Read more

Discraft Disc Golf Set

Discraft Starter disc Golf Set

The Discraft Disc Golf is designed to be an introduction set to the game of disc golf. It comes complete with a putt/approach disc, midrange disc, and a driver. Each disc is highly recommended by our reviewers. For the beginner, the plastic here is the most affordable plastic on the market, making the entrance into…Read more