Having a good putting game is the best way to shave strokes off of your frisbee golf scores. One of the keys to being a good putter is to have a good putter.

So what is a good putter? 

A good putter is one that fits your hand and throwing style well and that you are confident throwing. A putter feels right because you are used to it and the shape of it. Confidence comes from lots of repetitions of throwing that putter well.

Understanding Putter Plastics

There are many different styles and molds of disc golf putters, but the different plastic type can make the putting experience completely different, even when throwing the same mold!

For frisbee golf drivers, durability is very important because the nose of the disc is thin and you throw these discs hard. This is not the case with putters.Inexpensive putters are often the preferred plastic type because they provide more grip. Because they have a more blunt edge and you don’t throw them nearly as hard, even a base plastic putter will last for years of use.

Soft vs Hard Putters

Many disc golfers prefer a soft putter because it absorbs and grabs disc golf chains better. Others prefer a hard putter because they fill it gives them a more consistent release. Most disc golfers like something in the middle. The only way to find out what works best for you is to try it out and see what you like, and what gets results.

Top 5 Frisbee Golf Putters

1. Gateway Wizard

Gateway Wizard Frisbee Golf putter

The Wizard has been one of the top selling frisbee golf putters for years. It has a good comfortable shape, excellent flight, and is available in dozens of different plastic types ranging from soft and flexible to hard and firm. The Wizard is a a beaded putter which means that it has a small bump on the edge of the rim. Some people find this bead comfortable for putting and it supposedly provides a more stable flight as a throwing disc.

Because of the versatility of this disc and the many options. Another advantage of the Wizard is that it is available in putter packs where you can purchase multiple at discounted prices to help you get in practice reps.

2. Innova Aviar

The Aviar is a top selling putter that has been around for years. Like the Wizard, it is also available in a variety of different plastic types. Unlike the Wizard, the Aviar is available in an ultra low cost DX plastic, so you can pick one up for less than $8. In terms of feel, the Aviar does not have a bead ( a little bump on the bottom of the rim). In terms of flight the Aviar is a straighter flying disc that glides more meaning it will stay in the air longer than a disc like the Wizard.

3. Infinite Discs Myth

Infinite Discs Myth Putter

The Myth is a beaded putter similar to the Wizard. The biggest advantage of the Myth is that when purchasing a putter pack, this is the cheapest disc on the market and the perfect choice if you are looking to improve your putting game through repetitions.

4. Discmania P2

The P2 is basically a beadless Myth. This is a deep putter with a beadless bottom like the Aviar. The P2 is a top selling disc and is very popular as a driving putter.

5. Dynamic Discs Judge

Dynamic Discs Judge Frisbee Golf Putter

The Judge is also a beaded putter similar to the Myth and Wizard. This disc has a little bit slimmer feel than the other beaded putters on my top 5 list. This is a great throwing and putting putter that is also a top seller. It is available in a variety of different plastics but ranked #5 on my list because it does not have as affordable base plastic prices and no package set option.

All of these and dozens of other putters are, and will work excellent for frisbee golf. The biggest key is to find one that you like and then get lots of repetitions using it so that you are comfortable and feel confident throwing it.