Does frisbee golf plastic type really matter?

Nicks and WEar in Inexpensive Disc Practice

5/5 (1) Different Plastic Types When shopping online for frisbee golf discs, you’ll quickly notice that there are several different varieties of plastic, and that the prices vary substantially between these different plastic blends. The question arises, do the plastic types really matter? Does it make a difference? Are the more expensive blends worth the…Read moreRead more

5 Ways to Get Cheap Frisbee Golf Discs

5/5 (2) Do you love trying new discs? Do you love great value? This article is devoted to providing tips of how to find super cheap Frisbee golf discs. The only thing better than getting a beautiful new golf disc in the mail, is knowing that you didn’t pay very much for it. Here are…Read moreRead more

Lucky Discs for St. Patricks Day

Innova Lucky Disc Golf Aviar

No ratings yet. Sometimes its fun to get lucky in disc golf. Have you ever had a Lucky Ace? Most of the aces I’ve ever had happen on accident. I don’t normally go for holes in one because if you don’t hit the basket (which is the most likely scenario) you are likely landing way…Read moreRead more

Discmania Active Guardian Lion

5/5 (1) The Discmania Guardian Lion is the first frisbee golf disc made available from the recent Discmania/Yikun partnership and is branded with the Active Line stamp. The Guardian Lion is an easy to throw base plastic putt and approach disc that is similar to the Yikun Gui putter. This frisbee is perfect for lowering…Read moreRead more