While there are hundreds of different disc golf drivers for beginners out there, most of them will just not perform well for the new frisbee golf player. Until you develop significant form, arm speed, and snap, most discs just won’t go very far. New disc golfers will typically get more distance from an understable midrange disc than they will a high speed driver. After extensive testing with multiple beginners the following is our list for the best drivers for new disc golfers.

In disc golf, a forehand, flick, or sidearm throw generates substantially more snap than a traditional backhand throw. For this reason, our recommended discs for forehand and backhand driving distance are different. In addition, the way a disc releases your hand for forehand and backhand throws differ. For some people discs with sharper rims are just not very comfortable for forehand releases. While the same disc will generally work for both forehand and backhand throws (like you see in Ultimate Frisbee) most Frisbee golfers find that they get better performance by using different discs for backhand throws.

The following frisbees are recommended for players who are throwing less than 200 feet. Once you are consistently throwing farther than 250 feet, you will likely be ready to try a more stable or faster driver.

5 Best Frisbee Golf Drivers for Backhand Throws

  1. Latitide 64 Diamond
  2. Infinite Discs Sphinx
  3. Innova Leopard
  4. Westside Hatchet
  5. Discraft Avenger SS

5 Best Frisbee Golf Drivers for Forehand Throws

  1. Innova Beast
  2. Axiom Crave
  3. Westside Stag
  4. Latitude 64 Saint
  5. MVP Amp