Best Disc Golf Bag Sets of 2022

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While you can play Frisbee golf with just a single disc that you carry around by hand, maximal enjoyment comes when you have multiple discs to use. There are hundreds of different variations of disc golf discs with each model exhibiting a different flight path for a different scenario on the course.  With multiple discs, you also need something to carry them around in. While you can buy a disc golf bag separately, for maximum cost efficiency it is best to purchase a disc golf bag set. In this article we will discuss and compare the different disc golf sets that include a bag.

Best Value Disc Golf Bag Set

Divergent Discs Complete Set

Our recommendation for the best value bag set is the Divergent Discs Complete disc golf set. When purchasing these items as a complete set you save more than 50% over buying each item individually. This set is really one of the best values in all of disc golf right now.

The Divergent Complete set was carefully crafted to include discs from a wide spectrum of flight paths to provide every flight path a recreational disc golfer needs. Divergent Discs plastic quality is very grippy and moderately durable. The discs in this set are of much better quality than other budget disc golf sets. The bag is sturdy, includes a shoulder strap, and has room for three additional discs beyond the eight included in the set.

Perhaps best of all, the Divergent brand was designed specifically for recreational frisbee golfers, for people who throw less than 300 feet in distance. Most brands focus on their molds and marketings to professionals who throw more than require a completely different kind of disc. These discs are sure to provide the most fun for the new and recreational player.

Best Bag Starter Sets

If eight new discs at once is a little more than you’re ready to commit to, consider one of these three or four disc starter sets with bags.  Amazon and other websites are full of garbage bag sets that include inefficient bags and low quality discs. Be sure to consider our recommendations before buying a cheap bag set on Amazon.

X-Com Set With Easy Cary Bag

The X-Com four disc set offers an excellent value for a disc golf set with a bag. All four X-Com discs included have an excellent flight and work well for beginners. The plastic quality of this set is not as good as the Divergent set, but is still adequate for new players and park like courses.

The X-Com set bag is a little bit different than the traditional disc golf shoulder bag and actually works more like a fanny pack. This bag style is super efficient if you only plan to use it with four discs. It’s light weight nature even allow you to play your round without ever removing the bag if you desire. The disadvantage of the X-Com bag is that it doesn’t really work very well if you plan to expand your disc arsenal to more than six frisbee golf discs.

All in all, when it comes to bang for your buck, the X-Com set is an excellent choice.

Prodigy 3 Disc Ace Line Bag Set

Prodigy also makes a great value bag set. This set includes three full size discs and a mini marker disc used to mark your lie. The bag included in this set utilizes the more traditional shoulder strap style. The plastic quality of the Prodigy set is better than the discs in the X-Com set but not as good as those in the Divergent set. While the plastic of each disc will last a little bit longer than the discs in the X-Com set, it is actually less discs for a slightly higher price.

The discs in this set are light weight, but these discs aren’t the most beginner friendly. If you are a true beginner and have a throwing distance of less than 300 feet, I would recommend the Divergent or X-Com bag sets over the Prodigy Ace Line. If you are a natural athlete or have a good forehand throw, this set would be a better choice for you than the previous mentioned recommendations.

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