Frisbee Golf Sets

Frisbee Golf Starter Sets

While there are many disc golf sets out there, they are not all created equal. There are advantages and disadvantages to many of the available packs, and some of them are just plain junk. When it comes to a good Frisbee Golf starter set you want one that is going to provide:

1. Discs that fly well for new players.
2. Discs that are durable enough to last for more than just a few rounds.

There are a lot of review websites that recommend the top 10 Frisbee Golf Sets. However, most of these review sites are made by foreign affiliate site owners that have not only never even tested the discs they are reviewing, but have never actually touched a golf disc or played frisbee golf! Their website date is comprised by regurgitating reviews and content they read from Unlike these spam review sites, we have actually thrown, tested, and played rounds with all of the discs we review and recommend. 

5 Best Beginner Frisbee Golf Sets of 2020

When it comes to value and user friendliness for beginners, this is how our rating of the best disc golf starter sets:

  1. Infinite Discs Starter Sets
  2. Discraft Beginner Pack
  3. Yikun Starter Set
  4. Prodigy Ace Line Disc Golf Set Set
  5. Viking Discs Starter Set


Frisbee Golf Starter SetsCompared with a traditional frisbee, a golf disc is substantially more “overstable” and fly’s different. In order to make most golf discs fly properly, you need to have excellent form, speed, and snap. Not very many new frolfers posses these abilities, so using the wrong disc for your first few rounds can be frustrating.

Understable Discs for Beginners

New frisbee golfers need to purchase “understable” golf discs. Understable discs will stay straighter for longer and provide more distance before fading out at the end of the flight. In general, discs that are lighter weight are more understable than the same mold of a heavier weight. Light weight discs (especially for drivers) are better for beginners because they will provide more distance and distance makes frisbee golf more fun..

For some unknown reason, the major disc golf manufacturers seem to be out of touch with beginner throwing technique and skill levels. Most of the “starter sets” on the market are catered towards intermediate players rather than the true recreational player. This is why our review site is so valuable. 


Most frisbee golf starter sets are available in super inexpensive plastic. The reasoning behind this is because most new frolfers don’t understand the importance of durability and are only concerned about price. Once a frisbee golf discs starts to get “beat in” the flight of the disc drastically alters.

The plastics used for Franklin, Halex, ESP, and Wham-o starter sets are complete garbage. These discs will get major gashes that completely alter the flight of the disc after the first tree hit.

The more reputable disc golf brands like Innova and Discraft also usually have starter sets that are available in “base plastic” but this base plastic is far more durable than the non disc golf focused manufacturers. For the name brand discs, drivers, with their sharp aerodynamic edges do not last long if you’re playing disc golf courses with any kind of obstacles, and they won’t even last an entire season even if you’re only throwing it on grassy lawns.

Innova provides “premium plastic starter sets” which give you all three discs in a durable plastic. However, these sets are substantially more expensive and most frisbee golf players prefer a base plastic feel for their putters. The disc golf sets we recommend have a durable plastic driver and base plastic putters.


1. Infinite Discs Starter Set

Best Disc Golf Starter SetTo get durability, excellent flight, and value — the best starter set is the Infinite Discs set. All three discs are great for beginners and the driver is in a durable plastic! Even with the driver in premium plastic, this set is still less expensive than most of the other starter sets. This set can be found on E-Bay and at Infinite for just $19.99 for 3 discs. Infinite Discs also offers some other affordable options including a two disc starter set and an 8 disc set designed for the beginner who is ready to experience a full brand of discs. You can’t beat the price or the quality of these disc golf sets.

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2. Discraft Disc Golf Beginner Pack

Discraft Beginner PackThe second set in our top five is the Discraft starter set. Discraft is the second largest disc golf manufacturer in the world. Discraft dominates the Ultimate Frisbee scene and the selection of discs in this set are pretty good. A big plus for the Discraft beginner set is that it includes the Buzzz which has been the #1 midrange in frisbee golf for nearly a decade. This midrange disc is one that professionals regularly use and will continue to be useful to you as your disc golf skills advance. The Buzzz has an overstable (hard fade) flight for new players, an excellent compliment to the Stratus which is ideal for beginners. The biggest difference between this set and the Infinite set is that the Infinite set has better quality plastic for the driver. Depending on the classification, the Stratus is actually more of a midrange than it is actually a driver which limits the distance potential the disc included in this starter set can get.

3. Yikun Disc Golf Set

Yikun Starter SetThe reason I place the Yikun Disc Golf set in the above others in the top five is because the Yikun Gou is by far the best beginner driver on the market. This disc is super “understable” and most true beginners will get more distance out of the Gou than any other disc. Once you find that you’re turning the Gou over, that it’s drifting off to the right too much (on a backhand throw for right handed players), then it’s time to upgrade your set and purchase some additional discs designed for intermediate players. As a set designed for the true beginner, you can’t beat the Yikun set.  The reason that this set does not rank #1 is because the plastic quality of discs in the Yikun set are not as high as those in the Infinite Discs pack. 

4. Prodigy Ace Line Disc Golf Set

Prodigy Ace Line Starter SetThe newest disc golf set to hit our top five list for 2020 is the new Prodigy Ace Line disc golf set. The Ace Line was released at the end of 2019, and in my opinion is the highest quality base plastic on the market. The plastic used for all three of these discs is better than the plastic in any of our other top five frisbee golf sets with the exception of the Infinite Discs set driver. The only reason that this set does not make the #1 spot is because quite frankly, the driver and midrange included are just not very beginner friendly. The good news is that Prodigy does plan to release more understable versions of their Ace Line discs later in the year. Once those discs are available, this brand starter pack has a legitimate chance of landing in the #1 spot. 

5. Viking Discs Set

Viking Disc Golf Set

The Viking Disc Golf set is another quality one with good discs for beginner. The plastic quality is very similar to the Yikun set. The Rune putter that comes with this set is phenomenal, and works great for beginners and advanced players alike. However, the Ragnarok driver included in the Viking set is a very fast and understable driver that gives beginners excellent distance, but this plastic is not very durable for a driver with a rim this thick and will likely not last very long. This set is available on for just $21.99.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How many discs are there in a disc golf set?

A. Most frisbee golf sets are designed for starters, and include three discs, a putter, midrange, and driver. However, most intermediate and advanced players carry large bags with 15-25 discs enabling them to execute any number of potential shots and have replacements in case of a lost disc. To get started playing frisbee golf, you really need only one disc, but a three disc pack will give you a variety of options to increase the experience on the course. 

Q. How many discs do I need to play disc golf?

A. You only need one disc to play a round of disc golf, but having multiple discs of differing speeds and stabilities will help you execute a greater number of shots. Unlike ball golf where there is a limit on the number of clubs you can carry, there is no limit in Frisbee Golf where your frisbee acts as both the club and ball. On some frisbee golf courses it is very likely that you will lose a few discs. When playing these courses it is a good idea to have several discs so that you can at least finish your round.  

Q. When should I throw each of the different disc types?

A. The driver should be thrown when you need the most distance, putters when you need a straight throw. Putters are designed to be thrown several hundred feet and are not only used for short putts. Midrange discs are typically used when you want less distance or less skip than would be achieved with a driver.

Q. How far do frisbee golf discs go?

A. This all depends who throws them. Most drivers included in disc golf starter sets are designed to go around 300 feet of distance, midranges around 250 feet, and putters around 230 feet. Professional disc golfers can throw distance drivers more than 600 feet and can throw putters more than 400 feet. New disc golfers will likely not be able to throw distances more than 200 feet and will not notice much difference in the distance they can get out of each individual disc type. To get more distance, the technique you use is more important than the disc you use. Utilize these tips to improve your game. 

Q. Does the weight of the disc matter?

A. Yes. Disc flight is affected by disc weight almost as much as it by the shape of the discs. Light weight discs are generally better for new disc golfers as they will provide them with more distance. Experienced players find that they have more control and consistency with heavier frisbee golf discs. 

Q. Why can’t I throw my frisbee golf discs straight?

A. Golf discs are designed to be aerodynamic, to fly far and quickly cut through the air. Because of this shape, golf discs, especially drivers just do not fly straight but fly with either a hook or an S curve. They just don’t fly straight. With enough spin on a slower speed disc like a putter, it is possible to throw a frisbee golf disc completely straight.