Frisbee Golf Sets

Frisbee Golf Starter Sets

While there are many disc golf sets out there, they are not all created equal. There are advantages and disadvantages to many of the available packs, and some of them are just plain junk. When it comes to a good Frisbee Golf starter set you want one that is going to provide:

1. Discs that fly well for new players
2. Discs that are durable enough to last for more than just a few rounds.


Frisbee Golf Starter SetsCompared with a traditional frisbee, a golf disc is substantially more “overstable” and fly’s different. In order to make most golf discs fly properly, you need to have excellent form, speed, and snap. Not very many new frolfers posses these abilities, so using the wrong disc for your first few rounds can be frustrating.

Understable discs for beginners.
New frisbee golfers need to purchase “understable” golf discs. Understable discs will stay straighter for longer and provide more distance before fading out at the end of the flight. In general, discs that are lighter weight are more understable than the same mold of a heavier weight. Light weight discs (especially for drivers) are better for beginners because they will provide more distance and distance makes frisbee golf more fun..


Most frisbee golf starter sets are available in super inexpensive plastic. The reasoning behind this is because most new frolfers don’t understand the importance of durability and are only concerned about price. Once a frisbee golf discs starts to get “beat in” the flight of the disc drastically alters.

The plastics used for Franklin, Halex, ESP, and Whamo starter sets are complete garbage. These discs will get major gashes that completely alter the flight of the disc after the first tree hit.

The more reputable disc golf brands like Innova and Discraft also usually have starter sets that are available in “base plastic” but this base plastic is far more durable than the non disc golf focuesed manufacturers. For the name brand discs, drivers, with their sharp aerodynamic edges do not last long if you’re playing disc golf courses with any kind of obstacles, and they won’t even last an entire season even if you’re only throwing it on grassy lawns.

Innova provides “premium plastic starter sets” which give you all three discs in a durable plastic. However, these sets are substantially more expensive and most frisbee golf players prefer a base plastic feel for their putters. The disc golf sets we recommend have a durable plastic driver and base plastic putters.


To get durability, excellent flight, and value — the best starter set is the Infinite Discs set. All three discs are great for beginners and the driver is in a durable plastic! Even with the driver in premium plastic, this set is still less expensive than most of the other starter sets. This set can be found on E-Bay and at Infinite for just $19.99 for 3 discs.

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