Discraft Golf Discs

Discraft is the second largest disc golf manufacturer in the United States, located in Wixom, Michigan. Discraft is also the manufacturer of the number one selling UltraStar Ultimate Frisbee.

Discraft Machete

Green Machete

The Machete will slice through the wind and carry you onto victory. This is a low profile disc with a medium thickness rim. The Machete is overstable and will hold the perfect hyzer lines and power it’s way through any headwind. The Machete will surprise you with the speed and ease of distance this disc…Read more

Discraft Buzzz OS

The Discraft Buzzz OS is the more overstable brother to the most popular frisbee golf disc in the world, the Discraft Buzzz. This new OS frisbee has the same great feel disc golfers have grown to love, with additional stability. The Buzzz OS is ideal for those times when the wind picks. This disc is…Read more

Discraft Buzzz – Colorshift Limited Edition

The Limited Edition Colorshift Buzzz is the latest Special Edition in the Buzzz lineup. This unique 2014 Am Worlds Commemorative Z Buzzz has a unique stamp and the the ability to change color in the light. Discraft describes it like this, “This limited edition Buzzz is worthy of the 2014 Amateur World Championships. While difficult…Read more

Discraft Mantis

Pink and White Discraft Mantis

The Mantis is a reliable fairway driver released as the 2013 Ace Race disc in Titanium plastic. The Mantis gives us a straight flight path with a comfortable feel and an excellent glide. The later runs have slight variations in that they have a slightly lower profile and has a bit more dome to it,…Read more