Discraft Buzzz OS

No ratings yet. [box type=”info”] Limited Edition Z Glo Buzzz OS – Only 2,000 made! [/box] The Discraft Buzzz OS is the more overstable brother to the most popular frisbee golf disc in the world, the Discraft Buzzz. This new OS frisbee has the same great feel disc golfers have grown to love, with additional…Read moreRead more

Discraft Buzzz – Colorshift Limited Edition

No ratings yet. The Limited Edition Colorshift Buzzz is the latest Special Edition in the Buzzz lineup. This unique 2014 Am Worlds Commemorative Z Buzzz has a unique stamp and the the ability to change color in the light. Discraft describes it like this, “This limited edition Buzzz is worthy of the 2014 Amateur World…Read moreRead more

2014 USADGC Commemorative Buzzz

2014 USDGC Buzzz

No ratings yet. The very limited edition 2014 USADGC Commemorative Flag-Dyed Z Glow Buzzz may the best Buzzz yet. This is one amazing Frisbee! This Buzzz has a sweet Big Z style Buzzz which is uniquely dyed in patriotic Red and Blue, has a bottom ghost stamp, and is a very limited edition. Rate This…Read moreRead more

Discraft Mantis

Pink and White Discraft Mantis

No ratings yet. The Mantis is a reliable fairway driver released as the 2013 Ace Race disc in Titanium plastic. The Mantis gives us a straight flight path with a comfortable feel and an excellent glide. The later runs have slight variations in that they have a slightly lower profile and has a bit more…Read moreRead more

Discraft Heisenburg Crank

No ratings yet. The first Z version of the popular Discraft Crank is available as the limited edition Heisenberg Crank. This new “Crank” is not only in in Z plastic, but it is also blue, and it glows in the dark. This is a great disc for collectors, fans of Z plastic, fans of the…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Distance Drivers

No ratings yet. When Discraft has errors during their hot stamp process, these discs are labeled as misprints and are sold at a discount. These discs have nothing wrong with their plastic and molding, just slight cosmetic defects with the stamp. Many Discraft misprints happen during custom print orders for clubs and tournaments. In other…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Fairway Drivers

No ratings yet. The discs that Discraft refers to as “Long Range” and “Extra Long Range” drivers, we refer to as fairway drivers. We have a large selection of misprint fairway drivers at a discounted price right here. These discs fly great, they just have slight printing blemishes in the hot stamps. Some of these…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Putters

No ratings yet. The best way to lower your disc golf scores is to improve your putting. The best way to improve your putting game, is to have multiple putters in which to practice with. The least expensive way to purchase multiple putters is to purchase misprints. Buy several different varieties to find which putter…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Midrange

No ratings yet. For fans of Discraft’s quality midrange discs, that also like great deals, check out the midrange misprint discs we currently have for sale. Factory misprint discs are the same quality as any other Discraft discs, they simply had a hot stamp error that effects their visual appearance. These stamp errors give the…Read moreRead more

Discraft Crank

Discraft Crank Green

No ratings yet. If you’re a “Big Arm” golfer who wants the right combination of stability and speed then this is the disc for you! The crank has been described as “A cross between the Nuke and the Nuke SS.” This disc has a stability rating of 1.3, just overstable enough to let you “Crank”…Read moreRead more