Discraft Golf Discs

Discraft is the second largest disc golf manufacturer in the United States, located in Wixom, Michigan. Discraft is also the manufacturer of the number one selling UltraStar Ultimate Frisbee.

Discraft Crank

Discraft Crank Green

No ratings yet. If you’re a “Big Arm” golfer who wants the right combination of stability and speed then this is the disc for you! The crank has been described as “A cross between the Nuke and the Nuke SS.” This disc has a stability rating of 1.3, just overstable enough to let you “Crank”…Read more

Discraft Ultra-Star

White Ultr-Star

No ratings yet. The Discraft Ultra-Star is designed for playing ultimate. Unlike Disc Golf Ultimate is a team game that is a bit like soccer but instead uses a disc. It could also be used to play catch. It’s entirely up to you! Rate This Disc Rate This Discs

Discraft Spectra

Flaming Red Spectra

No ratings yet. The Discraft Spectra is a fast driver that takes the high speed turn and sharp end flight fade to a higher degree. This disc is made for a headwind and less powerful throwers. It farther with less effort. This disc is only available in a unique Elite Z Super color plastic. If…Read more

Ten Year Anniversary Edition Buzzz

No ratings yet. While we have long since sold out of the Tenth Anniversary Buzzz, there is a new Discraft collectors item the Midnight Buzzz that will be available soon. [box type=”warning”] Sold OutIt was fun while it lasted, but this disc is sold out. If it’s the stamp that you care about then best…Read more

Discraft Buzzz – Big Z

Green Big Z Mantis

No ratings yet. If you love the Discraft Buzzz, cool stamps, and bright plastic you’re going to love the Big Z Buzzz. There are three other discs currently produced with Big Z Stamps: the Crank, Mantis, and Zombee. Whether you’re looking for a collectors item, or just a great flying mid range with an impressive…Read more

Discraft Zombee

Clear Zombee

No ratings yet. The Zombee is a new fairway driver that was introduced by Discraft for the 2012 Ace Race. This is a tall,  straight shooter with predictable end flight fade. This disc is like a cross between the midrange Buzzz and the Stalker driver. Discraft has given this disc a 1.0 in the stability…Read more

Discraft Hawk

White Hawk

No ratings yet. The Hawk is a perfect choice for new players. This is a stable disc with a low price tag that delivers with its high speed turns, low speed turns, and will hold the line you want. This is a great disc for threading those tight fairways. The Discraft Hawk is available in…Read more

Discraft Eclipse

White Eclipse

No ratings yet. Due to this disc being a super-stable fairway diver that provides a predictable flight pattern, it is an ideal choice for any beginner. This drivers relatively narrow rim makes it easier to control for those players with small hands. Sadly, the Eclipse is out of stock and it is unknown if it…Read more

Discraft Buzzz

No ratings yet. The Discraft Buzzz is one of the Top Midrange frisbee golf discs in the world for a reason. It feels good and flies great. The Buzzz has a flat top and low profile rim. It is a fantastic disc with a consistent stable flight for backhand and forehand throws. The Buzzz is…Read more