Learn To Play Disc Golf With Best Disc Golf Carts

Tees are set up toward the start of each hole. Your first throw for any hole needs to start within, or behind, an assigned tee region.

The lie

The lie is where a player’s throw lands. The lie spot is set apart with a small disc, or by basically turning over the bigger thrown disc itself. At the point when it’s your next go to throw, you should throw from straightforwardly behind the stamped lie.

An unplayable lie

Some of the time, the untruth isn’t playable on the grounds that your disc stalls out in a tree or huge plant. Indeed, it happens a ton on certain courses. In the event that you have a disc that is stuck, or you can’t get behind the lie to throw, you will need to throw from as near the lie as could really be expected. This may essentially mean you’re throwing it from under a disc snatching tree limb.

Fairway throw

In case you are on the fairway, you get some additional development with your throw. A fairway throw should be produced using behind the falsehood, yet you are permitted to approach the lie and can finish ordinarily, as long as you discharge the disc behind the untruth.

In any case, you are not permitted the additional development in case you are inside 10 meters (30 feet). You can’t cross the lie until your disc has quit moving.


A dogleg is a tree or post along the fairway that should be passed — and it needs to be unmistakably set apart by bolts on the course. The dogleg is utilized to make you get across the course with a particular goal in mind, for example, a S-shape, where you are not permitted to throw straightforwardly toward the end hole.

Before you pass the dogleg, you need to put your foot nearest to the dogleg on your untruth while throwing. This can include some trouble a few courses.

Finishing of the Hole

Toward the finish of each hole is a basket or a set of chains. Throw the disc in the basket to end. At the point when you get your disc into the basket, you have finished the hole. This is at times called the fruition of the hole, however is typically called by the short-hand term: “fulfilment.” Removing your disc after you complete the hole is important.

Out of bounds (OB)

There are sure areas you are not permitted to throw into or out of, and these are considered OB. In the event that your disc goes OB, you need to move your lie to a point three feet in limits from where the disc went OB. You will likewise have to add one more stroke to your score. As a rule, risks, for example, water elements and public streets are consistently OB.

Clinics to help you develop good form:

Backhand Driving Tips



Forehand Driving Tips



Upshot/Approach Shot Tips



Putting Tips


Tips for choosing the right discs

This blog is dedicated to helping you find the right discs for your frisbee golf game. Click the links in the sidebar to see our recommendations for the best of each different type of discs. After trying a few of them, and learning how Frisbee golf flight ratings work, you will be able to find additional discs that fit your style and preference.

Tips for Practice

There are many different ways to practice Frisbee Golf, but here are a few of the favorite ones we have tried. The more quality reps you get in, the better you will get so maximizing time efficiency is the key to getting better fast.
1. Purchase Practice Discs. 
To get consistent discs, try and purchase them at the same time, from the same place and from the same company. Different “runs” of disc manufacturing make the disc flight surprisingly different. A Prodigy Practice bag is perfect for storage of backups and extra practice discs. Purchasing misprints and X-outs is a great way to get your practice frisbees for cheap.
2. Play rounds by yourself and throw multiple discs (at least on the drives) on every hole. On long wide open holes, throw every disc in your bag. For even more practice for your time, invest in a disc golf cart and fill it with multiples of the discs that work best for you. A Zuca Disc golf cart can hold up to 40 discs allowing you to have several identical discs to throw right after each other.
3. Throw discs at a soccer field.
Go to a wide open soccer or football field and practice throwing your all your discs from varying discs towards a goal post. Practice throwing putters and midranges from short distances and drivers from varying long distances. Avoid just trying to throw for distance as this often leads to poor form and injury. Find a target and practice throwing with smooth, good form.
4. Purchase a practice basket and practice putting.
The best way to improve your Frisbee golf score is to stop missing short putts. The best way to stop missing short putts is with repetition where you gain muscle memory and confidence. Once you have figured out a putter that you like, purchase 10 of them. For even more efficient putting practice, buy two practice baskets and throw back and forth. This saves extra time over a single practice basket as you don’t have to unload the basket each time and walk back to your putt distance but can use the other basket as the holder as you putt to the other basket. Once you have the short distances down, move backwards.