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A practice basket is one of the best methods to keep your putting practice sharp. From time to time people enquire which basket they should purchase. Here we will discuss four kinds of baskets and make suggestions for each one.


This kind of basket collapses down as well as fits inside a bag for ease of movement! They are huge for practicing at home, and simplest to take somewhere else. They are similar in price to the light-duty disc golf baskets. The Innova SkillShot basket has a smaller target part. Because of smaller target, it falls into the kind of the Narrow Target basket type. Though, it catches discs much superior than the other Narrow Target baskets and for that motive deserves to be in this category! Analyzing the SkillShot consequence in the most misses. This is not surprising because it has smaller target area. The Traveler slightly edged the Mach Lite victory rate, but not much.

Narrow Target:

You can choose this type of basket if you want to fine tune putting. These don’t catch discs as well so you won’t haul it to a league or competition very frequently. It’s pleasant to train your brain to hit smaller targets. Since it is a smaller objective you will miss a lot more putts than on a standard basket. For that reason, you would like to go back to my standard baskets after a bit. Even though you know much about those missed putts on a narrow basket would be thriving on a bigger one, it’s nice to see a victorious putt. Narrow Target baskets are superior as a second basket.


These baskets slim versions of the heavy baskets. They have fewer chains, as well as are lighter and less pricey. They aren’t as simple to fold up and move as the foldable type basket, but are simpler than the heavy-duty baskets. Fewer plus lighter chains mean more spit outs and misses, but not a noteworthy amount less. These baskets cost fifty to ninety less than the heavier baskets, making them a superior preference if you are on a budget.


The closest to the expert baskets discovered at the disc golf course, these baskets are huge for practicing at home or for playing additional holes at a tournament. Testing this kind of basket led to the highest success rate as well as the least amount of spit outs. They are prepared well, with the higher price tag to go with them.

There are primarily two types of Frisbee Golf Baskets, also known as cages or targets: Permanent Course Baskets and Portable Baskets.

Permanent Course Baskets

High Quality Course BasketPermanent Course Baskets

These are heavy duty baskets created to endure the elements in parks perennially. Course baskets have heavy chains along with heavy duty poles. On the low end, baskets similar to the Dynamic Discs Patriot weigh around 50 pounds. The more elite, heavy duty baskets like the Prodigy T2 weigh almost 90 pounds.

Course baskets are designed to stay put, primarily in one location. Permanent disc golf course baskets often include a sleeve that is fastened to the ground with concrete, but allows the pole can be slid in and out to offer the ability to move the basket from one location to another allowing courses to offer a variety of different pin positions. Ground sleeves and poles in this matter include require a lock so that baskets will not be stolen.

Some course quality baskets also have a portable base instead of the traditional permanent in ground mount. This method allows baskets to maintain the course durability and quality but become truly portable, albeit, they are much heavier and difficult to haul around.

Best Value Course Baskets

If you’re looking for a quality course basket at the best price for a new public or private course, or just a durable backyard basket, this is our top 3 recommended course baskets.

  1. Prodigy T2 – The Prodigy T2 is hands down the best value in disc golf baskets, especially if you’re looking for a portable mount option. While there are other baskets that are less expensive, the T2 is the perfect combination of excellent price, long lasting durability, and excellent catching. In addition to the standard vertical chains, T2’s feature a series of inner horizontal chains that ensure your perfect puts will not “spit through” and miss.
  2. Innova Discatcher Pro – The Discatcher Pro is arguably the most popular disc golf target in the United States. If you’ve played more than a couple different frisbee golf courses, you’ve likely seen a Discatcher target. These baskets are built to last and have withstood the test of time. They offer excellent catching and a sterling reputation. The Discatcher is a little more expensive than the Prodigy T2.
  3. Dynamic Discs Patriot – The DD Patriot took the disc golf basket world by storm when they introduced the first “economical” course basket. This is the most affordable course basket on the market, and is great if budget is your main concern, but the craftsmanship and solidness of the Patriot just doesn’t compare with the T2 or Discatcher.  The Patriot is substantially lighter weight than the T2, which is nice if you are going to be regularly installing and uninstalling the course. If long term life span of your basket is not a concern, then consider the Dynamic Discs Patriot.

Portable Baskets

Foldable frisbee golf basketPortable Baskets – Portable targets are designed for home use, or also work well to build your own private Frisbee Golf course. These baskets are around half the cost of a course quality basket and are much lighter. However, these baskets are not designed to maintain the elements of staying outdoors year round and the chains are much lighter and do not catch discs quite as well as permanent disc golf baskets.

There are two types of portable disc golf baskets: Foldable Cloth Baskets and Light Weight Metal baskets.

Cloth foldable baskets are made primarily out of cloth and are designed for easy set up and take down. These baskets are ideal for occasional backyard use or to take camping or for setting up temporary courses.

Top 3 Foldable Disc Golf Baskets


    • 1. DGA Mach Lite – The DGA Mach lite is affordable, provides simple set up and takedown, and provides an adequate disc catching experience. We consider this the best value for an affordable disc golf basket.
    • 2. Dynamic Discs Scout Basket – The Scout basket is very comparable to the Mach Lite, but it offers a cross chain setup that helps prevent fly through puts. In terms of value, the added cost of the scout prevent it from being our number one choice.
    • 3. Innova Skillshot – The Skillshot is the least expensive of our top three foldable frisbee golf basket options. It is also very easy to set up and take down. However, the catch area of this basket is substantially smaller than the others and it is the catching feel is substantially different than a course basket.

Light weight metal portable baskets are more durable and usually offer a better disc catching experience than the cloth targets. Light weight portable baskets are ideal for a backyard or indoor setup, but if you leave them outside year round, these baskets will likely not last more than a couple of years like a course basket. Metal portable targets are ideal if your goal is to improve your putting game through repetitive practice.

Top 3 Portable Disc Golf Baskets

When it comes to looking for the best value on a metal portable disc golf basket, these are our recommendations:

  1. Viking Discs Royal Basket – The Royal basket provides an excellent catching experience with a full set of inner and outer chains, is easy to set up and take down, and is available at an affordable price.
  2. MVP Black Hole Lite – The Black Hole Lite disc golf basket is very affordable. My only complaint and the reason that it doesn’t rank higher than the Royal basket is because the catching tray is very thin. It is common for discs to “skip” out, especially if you are practice putting with multiple putters at a time.
  3. Axiom Pro HD – If you’re looking for something a little more durable than the MVP Black Hole Lite, but also still a great value, consider the other baskets from the MVP family including the Axiom Pro HD.  This basket offers a slightly more durable build and different color options for an additional $30.