Nite Ize Discs

Nite Ize manufacturers the brightest glowing night round disc golf discs on the market. These Flashflight discs have bright built in LED lights that utilize a patented Fiber Optic Technology to provide maximum night glow with minimum power output. The Flashflight discs are water resistant and float in the water. They are made of a durable sure-grip material that will withstand the rigors of regular disc golf usage. The Nite Ize discs have a 20 hour battery run time, and the light weight batteries within these discs can be replaced.

Nite Ize LED Putter

Red LED Putter

The Nite Ize Flashflight LED Putter is the best putt and approach disc for disc golf rounds that are being played at night. This unique putter is battery operated and includes patented LED + Fiber Optic Technology to provide an impressive glow even when in the darkest of conditions. The Disco Select feature allows you…Read more

Nite Ize Midrange

Green Nite Ize

The Nite Ize Flashflight LED Midrange is the brightest glowing midrange available. This battery operated lighted mid has a fairly neutral flight path and it can stay bright for up to 20 hours. If you love playing disc golf after dark, then the Flashlight LED mid-range is a must have for your arsenal. LED Midrange…Read more

Nite Ize Discs

Blue Nite Ize Driver

The Night Ize Flashflight LED Driver is a super fast understable distance driver. This is a beginner friendly driver that will bomb when thrown long distances long distances. Experienced disc golfers will find that this glowing disc is an excellent choice for hyzer flips and long turnover shots. If you’re looking for a disc with…Read more