What equipment do I need to play Frisbee Golf?

New frisbee golfers can often get overwhelmed when they see the extensive bags carried by disc golf fanatics with dozens of discs and a million different accessories. And while these things are fun and can add to disc golf satisfaction, the reality is, that you only need one disc to play. For beginners, a single disc and a beginner friendly course is all you need to have fun and start playing.

For a recommendation on the best frisbees to use to get started, read this article: Best discs for beginners.

Once you start mastering the game, here is some recommended disc golf equipment for recreational rounds:


Frisbee Golf Starter Bag

Once you have more than three discs, it’s really nice to have a disc golf bag, especially for hot summer rounds when you need to carry some water. Disc golf bags are also nice to carry around your phone and keys if you don’t like having them in your pocket while you play.

Click this link for my recommendation for the frisbee golf starter bags.

If you’re a Frisbee golf player who knows you are really enjoying the game, you’re probably better off skipping the starter bag and going straight with a full size bag. I have seen many players who buy a starter bag one week and then come back for a large back the next as their disc selection continues to grow and they realize they don’t want to leave any discs behind.

One of the nice things about having a starter bag is that even if you do get a large bag a month later, the starter bag will come in handy when you are travelling or when you are taking new people out to play disc golf for the first time.

More Discs

One of the most fun things about Frisbee golf is the fact that different discs fly completely different. You will find that a different flight pattern works better for bending and winding around trees or landing in a spot away from hazards. You will also find that different discs work better for different throwing styles. Finding ways to improve your game and shave strokes off the scorecard is one of the most satisfying aspects of disc golf.

One of the best ways to expand your selection and variety of is with an Infinite Discs Deals box. This “Mystery Box” guarantees you seven unique discs from at of different stabilities from at least three different brands.


Frisbee Golf Towel

A disc golf towel is a must have.  Even on dry sunny days discs find ways to get wet in water hazards, mud pits, or even  grass that has where been overwatered by sprinklers. Grass especially tends to be wet for early morning rounds.

Disc Retriever

If you regularly play courses near bodies of water a disc retriever is highly recommended to increase the overall satisfaction of your disc golf game. There are two main types of disc retrievers:

  • Pole/Disc Gator Style – This is the most handy type of retriever if you play near streams or smaller bodies of water. A disc gator style retriever will reach up to about 12 feet. This style of disc retriever is not very handy to carry around if you do not have a large bag. If you do have a backpack style bag, a retriever will easily strap to the side and not interfere with the normal comfort or play.
  • String Fishing Retriever – The nice thing about a “fishing” retriever is that it is very compact and easily fits in a disc golf bag. It also has a much longer reach and can be thrown as long as the string attached. Fishing discs out of water with this style retriever usually takes a lot longer than with a disc gator as it’s rare you snag your disc and fish it out on the first try.

Disc Golf Shoes

Frisbee Golf Shoes

After playing a few Frisbee Golf rounds, you’ll likely find that disc golf is a rough sport on shoes, especially if you drag your toes.  Low quality shoes will wear quickly from disc golf play on your toes and soles. While your shoes don’t necessarily have to be “disc golf shoes” it is nice to have a dedicated pair of shoes you use only for play that you can keep in your car.  Because grass is often wet for the morning disc golf rounds, it’s also nice to have shoes that are at least semi water resistant if you don’t like wet feet. 

Sport Sac or Dirt Bag

Frisbee golf moisture absorbing sport sack

If your hands get sweaty easily on hot summer days a Sport Sac is a must have accessory. It’s really not much fun when your discs slip out of your hands early. A sport sac absorbs the moisture off your hands to help give you a more consistent throw, even when weather conditions are not ideal.