Top Midrange

Top Midrange Discs

For experienced players, midrange discs are the bread and butter of frisbee golf. Having a disc that will provide precision control and accuracy is the key to shooting under par golf rounds.

Dynamic Discs Truth

The Dynamic Discs Truth is one of the top midrange frisbees on the market. This disc is known as the truth because of it’s straight flight path. The Truth has a very similar flight rating to many of the other top rated midrange discs like the Discraft Buzzz.

Westside Tursas

The Westside Tursas is an  understable midrange disc ideal for beginners and for turnover throws for experienced frisbee golfers. As an understable midrange, newere disc golfers will find that they can get almost as much distance from the Tursas as they can many distance drivers. This is a top rated disc and a must have…Read more

Innova Roc

The Innova Roc is one of the top midrange discs in Frisbee Golf. Due to it’s popularity, there are many different variations of it and it is available in dozens of different polymer plastic blends. Unlike most of our top rated midrange discs listed, the Roc is somewhat overstable which is excellent for control, but…Read more

Discraft Buzzz

The Discraft Buzzz is one of the Top Midrange frisbee golf discs in the world for a reason. It feels good and flies great. The Buzzz has a flat top and low profile rim. It is a fantastic disc with a consistent stable flight for backhand and forehand throws. The Buzzz is not an understable…Read more