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Frisbee Golf Equipment – Disc golf Discs for Sale

New frisbee golfers can often get overwhelmed when they see the extensive bags carried by disc golf discs fanatics with dozens of discs and a million different accessories. And while these things are fun and can add to disc golf discs satisfaction, the reality is, that you only need one disc to play.

For beginners, a single disc and a beginner friendly course is all you need to have fun and start playing. -Read More

Best Frisbee Golf Dics Tips

If you’re looking to get better at Frisbee Golf, there are really only two things you need to do.

1. Develop good, smooth form

2. Throw the right discs for you

3. Practice (and make sure you are practicing using the good form you have learned)

The tricky part is mastering the good form and technique. Here are some excellent clinics that will help you to develop proper form so you’ll be prepared to quickly elevate your Frisbee Golf Game! -Read More

Starter Discs

When it comes to a good Frisbee Golf starter set you want one that is going to provide:

1. Discs that fly well for new players

2. Discs that are durable enough to last more than a few rounds.

DISCS THAT FLY WELL: Compared with a traditional frisbee, a golf disc is substantially more “overstable” and flys very different.

In order to make most golf discs fly properly, you need to have excellent form, speed, and snap. Not very many new frolfers posses these abilities, so using the wrong disc for your first few rounds can be frustrating. -Read More

Disc Types

While there are thousands of different frisbee golf molds on the market, and hundreds of different plastic types, there are three basic types of Frisbee Golf Discs:

  1. Putters
  2. Midrange Discs
  3. Drivers 

-Read More