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Frisbee Golf Equipment

Frisbee Golf Equipment – Disc Golf Discs for Sale

It’s easy for new golfers to get overwhelmed by the many different disc options. If you go to a local golf course you’re likely to see fanatics with large back packs that hold dozens of discs and a plethora of  different accessories. And while all this equipment can be fun, the reality is, that most of these accessories are not necessary to play the game.

For beginners, a single disc and a beginner friendly course is all you need to have fun and start playing. -Read More

Proper Frisbee Golf Form

Best Frisbee Golf Tips

If you’re looking to get better at Golf Disc, there are really only two things you need to do.

1. Develop good, smooth form

2. Throw the right discs for you

3. Practice (and make sure you are practicing using the good form you have learned)

The tricky part is mastering the good form and technique. Here are some excellent clinics that will help you to develop proper form so you’ll be prepared to quickly elevate your Disc Game! -Read More

Keys to selecting a good Frisbee Golf Set

Starter Discs

When it comes to a good Disc starter set you want one that is going to provide:

1. Discs that fly well for new players

2. Discs that are durable enough to last more than a few rounds.

DISCS THAT FLY WELL: Compared with a traditional frisbee, a golf disc is substantially more “overstable” and flys very different.

In order to make most golf discs fly properly, you need to have excellent form, speed, and snap. Not very many new frolfers posses these abilities, so using the wrong disc for your first few rounds can be frustrating. -Read More

Disc Types

While there are thousands of different Disc molds on the market, and hundreds of different plastic types, there are three basic types of Golf Discs:

  1. Putters
  2. Midrange Discs
  3. Drivers 

-Read More    

Find the target at this Frisbee Golf CourseFrisbee Golf Growth

The sport of Golf Disc has exploded since the outbreak of the Covid19 Coronavirus pandemic. 

More and more courses have popped up all over the nation and and increased number of players have picked up the game as their preferred recreational activity. 

This surge in growth has lead to supply chain and distribution challenges among the frisbee manufacturers. Unlike most sporting good industries, all of the major Disc manufactures are small independently owned companies. As of the writing of this article in September of 2021, none of the major sports brands like Wilson, Spalding, Molten, and Nike make frisbee gold discs. 

The small companies that make discs have done all they can to keep up with the new level of demand, but are still not able to keep up. This shortage of discs has lead to a surge of new disc golf brands that have appeared this year, and there are now more companies to choose from for your frisbe golf equipment than ever before.

Learn more about the different disc golf manufacturers here.