Types of Disc Golf Discs

Beginner Frisbee Golf Discs

While there are thousands of different frisbee golf molds on the market, and hundreds of different plastic types, there are three basic types of Beginner Frisbee Golf Discs; the putter, driver, and midrange.

Frisbee Golf discs are smaller than Ultimate Frisbees and heavier than a traditional Frisbee. Most disc golf discs are between 21 and 23 centimeters in diameter and weigh between 150 and 176 grams.

Frisbee Golf Putter

A Frisbee golf putter is essentially just a blunt nosed disc designed to fly accurate and straight. A putter is shaped more like a traditional Frisbee, but is usually heavier and of a smaller diameter than an Ultimate Frisbee.

The shape of disc golf putters allow them to fly slower and straighter than midrange discs and drivers. The last thing you want to do is blow past the basket so far you can’t make the come back putt.

Just because the disc is called a “putter” does not mean that it is only used for putting. Experienced Frisbee golf players regularly throw putters farther than 200 feet. The advantage of throwing a putter is that it can stay straight. whereas a driver will almost always fade out at the end of the flight.

Frisbee Golf Driver

A driver is a much more aerodynamic disc that will cut through the air much faster than a putter. Disc golf drivers have sharp bevel edges as can be seen in the image on the left.

This aerodynamic shape gives drivers the potential for more distance. The physics from the shape of these frisbees cause them to “fade” at the end of the flight as the speed and disc rotation slow down. This means that rather than flying in a straight line, drivers curve off (to the left for a backhand throw of a right handed player or to the right for a forehand throw).

When drivers are not thrown with enough power to meet their designed speed, they will fade almost their entire flight. Beginners are not able to achieve speeds necessary to properly operate these discs. This is why most Beginner Frisbee Golf Discs players struggle to get distance with a driver and always end up far left of where they are aiming. This is why it is so important do buy discs designed for beginners

Frisbee Golf Midrange

A midrange frisbee golf disc is kind of like a cross between a putter and driver. It’s rim is slightly more aerodynamic than a putter, but not as aerodynamic as a driver. In general, midranges also have a slightly larger diameter than do putters and drivers. This larger diameter helps them to be more stable and fly straighter.

Midrange discs can provide more control than other discs and work well for disc golfers who like to throw approximately the same throwing motion. Rather than throw with less power, players simply disc down and throw a slower speed discs. 

Many new players find little use of a midrange as long as they have a good driver and putter that work for them. Some beginners find that their midrange doesn’t get used much at all, which is why some starter sets contain only two discs and do not include a midrange.

Why do I need so many discs to play a round of Frisbee Golf?

The short answer is that you don’t. In fact, most new players will probably get the same results their first few times playing whether they play with one discs or multiple discs. New frolfers will often find that they can throw their midrange just as far as they can their driver. In some ways it is better to just throw one or two discs so that you can get used to them and learn and understand the way they fly before trying out additional golf discs.

As you get better at frisbee golf, you will find that it is beneficial to have different disc types at different stabilities for the different shots you will face on the course. In addition, it is just fun to try different discs to experience the different shots they can make and potential holes they may work for.