Hyzer Bomb

Hyzer Bomb

Hyzer Bomb is a disc golf bag manufacturer and brand. Hyzer Bomb discs are manufactured by Innova Champion Discs in California. The Mortar midrange disc is one of the most overstable molds that Innova makes.

Hyzer Bomb Moab

No ratings yet. The MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) is a retooled 4.1 Tachyon, produced to be extremely flat. The MOAB is a 6 speed, large diameter fairway driver, which is massively overstable. The MOAB will fight through head winds like a champion, resisting turn for even the most powerful players. The MOAB is suitable…Read more

Hyzer Bomb Marksman

Orange Marksman

No ratings yet. The Marksman is a straight flying, stable fairway driver that is designed to carve lines through wooded courses while still handling power when out in the open. This driver has a lot of glide and moderate end-of-flight fade and will work in the hand of all players, no matter the experience level….Read more

Hyzer Bomb Tank-Panzer

Pink Panzer-Tank

No ratings yet. The Tank-Panzer by Hyzer Bomb/Millennium Golf discs is a stable flying putt and approach disc with a large thumb track rip. The Tank Panzer was designed to compliment the original Tank by giving it more control with less effort. The Tank-Panzer is no longer in stock. Rate This Disc Rate This Discs