Halex is a large manufacturer of sporting good equipment known for their quality table tennis equipment and ping pong balls. They also have disc golf discs that are not currently PDGA approved. Their three discs are conveniently known as Putter, Midrange, and Driver. These discs are currently available only in an inexpensive, non durable plastic. Halex Discs are made in China and distributed by Regent Sports in Ashland, Ohio.

Halex Midrange

Halex Midrange Frisbee Golf Disc

The Halex Midrange is a 160 gram base plastic understable golf disc that has the same shape and flight as the Halex Driver. It really seems that the only thing different between the Driver and the Midrange is that the stamp printed on the Midrange says Midrange rather than Driver. Like the Driver, this disc…Read more

Halex Putter

Halex Golf Disc Putter

The Halex Putter is a standard understable putt and approach disc that works well for beginners. This disc weighs 167 grams (at least that’s what’s printed on the front stamp of this disc) and is available in a stiff base level plastic. The Halex putter has decent glide and stays fairly straight. This is a…Read more

Halex Driver

Halex Golf Disc 160 Gram Driver

The Halex Driver is possibly the most understable frisbee golf driver on the market. While this disc doesn’t have official flight ratings, in fact the only information about it is that it is 160g, this disc will experience “high speed turn” for low power throws of less than 100 feet. If you try to throw…Read more