Thought Space Athletics Mantra

Thoughtspace Athletics Mantra Driver

5/5 (1) The Thought Space Athletics Mantra is the first disc released by the Thought Space brand. This disc was initially released as part of the Infinite Discs VIP Club. The Mantra is an understable distance driver. It is described as the perfect disc to help new disc golfers get more distance. Experienced disc golfers…Read moreRead more

Franklin Sparrow

Franklin Sparrow Midrange

1/5 (1) The RT Franklin Sparrow is the plastic shape listed as a mid-range in the Franklin Sports Disc Golf starter set. This disc is made of a soft, very un-durable plastic type that is quick to wear and easily bends. Although it is listed as a mid-range, the disc mold used is exactly the…Read moreRead more

Franklin Albatross

Franklin Albatross Disc Golf Driver

1/5 (1) The RT Franklin Albatross is a piece of plastic advertised as a disc golf disc. Although it is shaped in a way similar to a disc golf driver, the aerodynamics of this “disc” do not allow it to actually fly in the air. The Albatross is so understable that on even moderate speed…Read moreRead more

Franklin Night Owl

Franklin Night Owl Putter

3.5/5 (2) The Franklin RT Night Owl is an inexpensive low profile putter in a soft plastic blend. This is a decent enough flying putt and approach discs for beginners and works for short putts as well as approach shots and drives. The plastic easily bends, but can usually be bent back to the original…Read moreRead more

ESP Emsco Sports Putter

ESP Maximum Control Putter

3/5 (2) The Emsco Sports Products (ESP) Putter is similar to the other PDGA approved discs in the ESP line in that it is a tall very domey disc available in a hard stiff plastic. The total height of this putter is nearly 3cm tall!According to ESP, this is a maximum control putter. The ESP…Read moreRead more

ESP Emsco Sports Midrange

Emsco Sports Midrange Golf Disc

1/5 (1) The ESP Emsco Sports Products Middrange Accurate Approaches Discs is a tall, utlra domey golf disc that is very similar to the ESP sports driver. This disc is available in an ultra hard and stiff plastic. The ESP Midrange is supposedly PDGA approved, but the plastic stiffness would certainly not pass the PDGA…Read moreRead more

ESP EMSCO Sports Distance Driver

ESP Emsco Sports Products Driver

1/5 (1) The ESP Sports Maximum Distance Driver is a tall, domey, ultra hard plastic disc with a thin rim wing. This disc brand should not be confused with Discraft’s ESP plastic, as they are not even remotely close. The ESP driver is very understable and does not fly well in the wind. ESP Sports…Read moreRead more

Top 75 Disc Golf Blogs

No ratings yet. There are a lot of good disc golf websites and blogs out there. We are excited to announce that we have made it to the Feedspot Top 75 Disc Golf Blogs! Now, we are near the bottom of the list for now, but the important thing is that our site is at…Read moreRead more

Remix Juggernaut

Remix Juggernaut Putt and Approach disc

4.5/5 (2) The Remix Juggernaut is a stable flying putt and approach disc with a bead. This disc has a flat top with a gradual curving rim. This disc is somewhat similar to the Dynamic Discs Judge, but with a smaller bead. The Juggernaut is a good all purpose disc for driving, approach shots, and…Read moreRead more

Remix Battleship

4/5 (1) The Remix Battleship is an overstable midrange with a smooth flat top. This disc has a reliable fade and works well for both backhand and forehand throws. This disc is perfect for windy conditions. The Battleship is a very consistent flying beadless disc and is available in very premium plastics. This disc is…Read moreRead more