Axiom Envy

Axiom Envy Frisbee

5/5 (1) The Axiom Envy is the first putt & approach disc in the new Axiom line. Compared with the MVP Ion and Anode, this disc is a bit beefier and has a thicker wing. The Envy is a slower and more overstable putter that is stable even when at high speeds it has a…Read moreRead more

Best Speed Eight Disc Golf Drivers

No ratings yet. Let’s face, it Speed Eight just isn’t the most glamorous one for frisbee golf discs. It’s fast for a fairway driver, but too slow to be a maximum distance driver. While our website has twenty discs classified as speed eight, none of them were given a 5-Star, “must have” rating. Most of…Read moreRead more

Best Speed 9 Drivers

No ratings yet. Speed nine drivers are fast enough that they can go the distance, but slow enough that they can still be used by newer disc golfers. There are sixteen discs on our sites that we classify with a speed 9, and these discs typically have moderate sized rims (1.8-2 cm wide). When it…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Complete Disc Golf Set

Full disc golf set with bag

5/5 (1) The Infinite Discs complete package includes a full range of discs in high quality plastics. This disc set is made for players who are going to stick with the game and want to sample from a large array of disc speeds and stabilities. This carefully selected package includes: Complete Frisbee Golf Set 2-…Read moreRead more

Best Speed 10 Distance Drivers

No ratings yet. Disc golf drivers classified as “speed 10” are ideal for intermediate players. These discs are fast, but not so fast that they are difficult to control. For companies like Discraft that don’t give their discs speed ratings using Innova’s system, we have taken the liberty to estimate speed ratings for them. In…Read moreRead more

Best Speed 11 Distance Drivers

No ratings yet. Speed 11 drivers are some of the best discs for intermediate and advanced players alike. While these distance drivers are fast, they aren’t too hard for the average player to control. Most speed 11 drivers have rims between 2.0 and 2.2 cm. We offer 18 different drivers that we rate as “speed…Read moreRead more

Best Speed 12 Distance Drivers

No ratings yet. A few years ago, speed 12 was as fast as it got in the disc golf world. While there are faster distance drivers on the market now, many advanced disc golfers still prefer drivers with speed ratings of 11 or 12. Speed 13 and 14 drivers always have ultra thick rims, at…Read moreRead more

Best Speed 13 Drivers

No ratings yet. High speed drivers are highly sought after discs. Every disc golfer wants to throw faster and farther. However, speed 13+ discs aren’t for players without powerful arms. For this reason, many high speed discs actually have relatively low ratings as inexperienced players are never satisfied with them. Overall, the more understable high…Read moreRead more

Midrange Discs

No ratings yet. Best Midrange Discs The Discraft Buzzz is by far the most popular disc on our website, and certainly one of the best midrange discs out there. No other disc has come close to receiving so many reviews. With that said, the Innova Roc is still very highly regarded, and while it hasn’t…Read moreRead more

Fairway Drivers

No ratings yet. Best Fairway Drivers As for determining the best fairway driver, the Innova TeeBird dominates. Everyone who has rated and reviewed this disc says it is a “must have.” Other popular fairway drivers include the Latitude 64 River, Innova Leopard, and Discmania Jackal. [one_third][three_fourth]Innova Teebird[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]7/5/0/2[/one_fourth_last] [three_fourth]Latitude 64 River[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]7/7/-2/1[/one_fourth_last] [three_fourth]Discraft XL[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]8/5/-1/2[/one_fourth_last] [three_fourth]Discmania Jackal[/three_fourth][one_fourth_last]7/6/-1/1[/one_fourth_last] [three_fourth]Discraft…Read moreRead more