Infinite Discs Complete Disc Golf Set

Full disc golf set with bag
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The Infinite Discs complete package includes a full range of discs in high quality plastics. This disc set is made for players who are going to stick with the game and want to sample from a large array of disc speeds and stabilities. This carefully selected package includes:

Complete Frisbee Golf Set

  • 2- Putters – One designed for short range putts and the other designed for approach shots (both putters can be used for both functions based on your preference)
  • 2 Midrange Discs- The understable base plastic Anubis and the stable flying C-Blend Ra
  • 2 Fairway Drivers –  The understable I-Blend Sphinx and the stable flying Exodus
  • 2 Distance Drivers – The understable I-Blend Pharaoh and the stable flying Emperor
  • Quality Slinger Bag (Holds up to 11 Discs)

Retail Value: $120.91

Listed price at $71.99 You save $48.92!

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Complete Set Without Bag

Already have a disc golf bag, don’t need another one? You can still get this great value disc golf set without the bag available at Amazon. The price is even less at just $59.99


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