Best Speed 9 Drivers

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Speed nine drivers are fast enough that they can go the distance, but slow enough that they can still be used by newer disc golfers. There are sixteen discs on our sites that we classify with a speed 9, and these discs typically have moderate sized rims (1.8-2 cm wide).

When it comes to highly rated discs, there are plenty of them in the speed nine category. Because most of the discs in this speed level can be used by players of all skill levels, they are well liked. Five of the sixteen discs have 5 star — must have, ratings. Here are the top four:

Discraft Predator – This very overstable disc is highly recommended for forehand shots. This disc has a unique groove on top, and Discraft Predatormany consider this the best disc for throwing into wind. From nine votes, the Predator has a rating of 4.89.

JMan Says:

The Predator is THE overstable driver in Discraft’s line. For me it went up against a Firebird I had and beat it hands down. The Firebird was just one giant hyzer even released flat. The Predator would track straight and fade, hard, even in strong headwinds. Great for sidearms as well.

Innova Roadrunner – This understable disc is the perfect first distance driver for newer players. Almost all our reviewers of the Innova RoadrunnerRoadrunner agree that this disc is a star rating of 4.89.

Steve Says:

The Roadrunner is a truly underrated disc. For people with less power, it is easy to get up to speed for straight shots. Put enough snap on it, and you get nice turnover lines. Go huge on it for rollers. The only thing it doesn’t handle well is wind. While many might think it is just for noodle arms, it can truly fit anyone’s style.

Latitude 64 Saint If you’re looking for max distance for average arm speed, the Saint it is. This Latitude 64 disc is all about the Glide. More disc golfers have reviewed the Saint than any other speed nine driver. From 11 votes, the Saint has a rating of 4.82.

Lat 64 Saint - Top rated discMichael Says:

What a beautiful disc, both the plastic and the flight. I picked one up at 168g in Gold Line plastic. From the first toss, I was hooked. I throw this disc in the 350′ range. This disc throws quite a bit like the Flow but with less effort. Power down a bit, snap good spin on it and just put it on a line, then stand back and watch this thing glide effortlessly.

I can’t say enough about this disc, and Latitude as a company as a whole. Their quality, flight paths, feel, durability and glide of their plastic is just unmatched by any other company I’ve come across.

Innova Valkyrie – As the disc that held the world distance record for a decade, the Valkyrie has been a popular selection by disc Innova Valkyrie - 5 Star Drivergolfers of all skill levels. From 13 votes, the Valkyrie has a rating of 4.69.

Mark Says:

This is my absolute favorite distance driver. It give me good distance, I can modify the lines for different holes, and get great accuracy from it nearly every shot. I can throw it backhand or forehand, and it’s OK overhand too. It powers down well, and works great for almost anything. I would recommend this disc to anyone looking at drivers.

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