Legacy is a disc manufacturer located in California that offers a full line of frisbee golf discs that are focused on advanced and professional players.

Legacy Grinders (X-Outs)

Legacy factory seconds, misprints, and x-outs are all stamped with the “Grinder” stamp. Due to a manufacturing or hot stamp issue, Legacy has deemed that these discs do not meet their quality standards. Grinders provide a a great way to try out new Legacy frisbee golf discs, without having to pay full retail price. Inventory…Read more

Legacy Outlaw

White Outlaw

The Legacy Outlaw is a solid high speed driver for advanced disc golfers. It is also slightly taller and the diameter is one mm smaller. It comes with a moderately thick rim and a mild dome. This is Legacy 64s answer to Innovas Destroyer   Outlaw Dimensions Diameter: 21cm Height: 1.4cm Rim Depth: 1.1cm Rim…Read more

Legacy Gauge

Orange Gauge

The all new Gauge is a straight flying, PDGA approved, midrange by Legacy Discs. This is a disc that will stick to the line from the release all the way to the end. Legacy describes this disc, “as fast as a midrange can get with control and excellent glide.” Guaranteed to be a great first…Read more

Legacy Mongoose

Yellow Mongoose

The Mongoose is an understable driver providing newer disc golfers with easy distance. For the more experienced, this disc flies well for long turnover shot and rollers. Mongoose Dimensions Diameter: 21.2cm Height: 1.8cm Rim Depth: 1.2cm Rim Width: 1.9cm

Legacy Bandit

Purple Bandit

The Bandit is an excellent straight flying driver that provides more distance than the Rival, but doesn’t require a powerful arm like the Cannon or Rampage. Experienced disc golfers will get some great distance when thrown at a slight hyzer, while those with slower arm speeds will observe great results from flat level throws. Making…Read more

Legacy Clozer

White Clozer

Looking for a putter that will close the gap from ‘just missed’ to ‘in the basket’? Then the Clozer is well worth considering. The Excel Edition of the Legacy Clozer is a very firm overstable putter. In Icon plastic, this disc is a little softer but has a slightly better grip than other plastics. Clozer…Read more

Legacy Patriot

Purple Patriot

The Patriot is a new understable fairway driver that is a great compliment to the Legacy line of discs. This disc brings outstanding control for beginners and golfers with slower arm speeds. For new golfers looking for a disc that can give straight drives, then the Patriot is the one you want. Legacy gives the…Read more

Legacy Rival

Purple Rival

The Rival is a disc that is “faster and with a little less glide than a TeeBird. Excellent for long, pin-point control.” Available in a durable, dependable Pinnacle plastic this is a fine addition to any bag. Rival Dimensions Diameter: 21.3cm (98.26% of average, 101.41% average Fairway) Height: 2cm (92.67% of average, 107.55% average Fairway)…Read more

Legacy Rampage

Blue Rampage

The Rampage is one of THE FASTEST distance drivers on the market…. period. This is one of only two discs that has received a staggering speed rating . The Rampage is not only fast, but it has excellent glide (5), a moderate degree of high speed turn (-1), and a substantial degree of fade (4)….Read more

Legacy Ghost

Yellow Ghost

The Ghost is an overstable midrange disc with a healthy amount of glide. While it was designed to be a “straight flying” disc, The Ghost comes with a substantial low speed fade. This disc is good for accurate approach shots, just make sure to account for the hooking flight pattern. The Ghost is a available…Read more