Kastaplast is one of the fastest growing disc manufacturers in the world located in Sweden. Kastaplast has some unique molds and the grippiest plastic on the market.

Kastaplast Reko

Red Reko

No ratings yet. The Reko is a nice putter with a round lip and small bead.The disc feels very comfortable in the hand for power grips as well as fan grips. Most players will take to the Reko after just one feel. The rim isn’t too deep, but it also isn’t really shallow either. This…Read more

Kastaplast Berg

Black Berg

5/5 (1) The Kastaplast Berg is a unique putt and approach disc with a curved indented flight plate. This thumb track allows the disc to rest comfortably in your hand and fly with an increase in consistency. The Berg is a slow flying putter that stays stable and never drifts too far away from where…Read more

Kastaplast Kaxe Z

Yellow Kaxe Z

No ratings yet. This disc is essentially a beadless Kaxe. Just as the original Kaxe was called a midrange driver, this one is as well, but Kaxe Z is just as equally a distance driver. With this disc Kastaplast introduced the Z as in Zero, which symbolizes less stbility than the original possesed. However don’t…Read more

Kastaplast Kaxe

Green Kaxe

No ratings yet. This disc is appreciated for its predictable flight and will come in handy in numerous situations on the course. because of its slim proportions and decent stability, Kaxe handles wind well without being very overstable. A true multi-purpose disc which has overtime become a favorite workhorse control disc. Kaxe Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0…Read more

Kastaplast Stal

Orange Stal

No ratings yet. The Kastaplast Stal is an overstable fairway driver that is named for it’s toughness and tends to live up to its name. Stal, the Swedish name for steel.. Stalmannen is the Swedish name for Superman! So, the Stal will definitely be able to handle whatever you throw at it, or what it gets thrown at. Stal…Read more

Kastaplast Rask

Red Rask

No ratings yet. The Kastaplast Rask is a “faster disc.” This very overstable driver comes equipped with a unique inner ridge on the underside of the flightplate and its designed toreduce drag. This bump is located a fingers width away from the inner rim. Kastaplast gives the Rask a speed rating of 14. This is…Read more

Kastaplast Grym

White Grym

No ratings yet. Grym is the new Kastaplast disc for long smooth s-curves and tailwind bombs.It has a comfortable 2.2 cm rim and is a very clean shape. This disc is a big D driver for all players. Grym is Swedish for cruel or awesome – try it out for some grym lines or just…Read more

Kastaplast Grym X

Blue Grym X

No ratings yet. The Grym X is a stable distance driver with an X-tremely well balanced combination of glide and accuracy. Much like Wario is the beefier cousin to Mario, the Grym X is the beefy cousin to the popular Grym driver. Use the Grym X to fly down the fairway knowing that disc will…Read more

Kastaplast Falk

Red Falk

No ratings yet. The Kastaplast Falk is a new understable fairway driver named after the Swedish word for falcon. Just like a falcon the Falk navigates and owns the skies with a perfected combination of speed, glide, and accuracy. The Falk is Kastaplast’s answer to the call for a true fairway driver that can perform….Read more

Kastaplast Gote

5/5 (2) Perhaps the most coveted new disc release of 2019 is the Kastaplast Gote or Goat (meaning a person from Southern Sweden and not an animal, or the Greatest Of All Time, although after testing this disc, some might think of it as that kind of GOAT). Kastaplast has quickly become one of the…Read more