Discraft Crank SS

Red CrankSS

No ratings yet. The Crank SS is designed to give disc golfers who don’t have a lot of power in their throws more distance. More advanced disc golfers will find that the Crank SS flips up easily on the difficult hyzer releases. Discraft gives the Crank SS a stability rating of .7 Crank SS Dimensions:…Read moreRead more

Discmania MD4

Orange MD4

No ratings yet. Lower your score with the MD4! The much anticipated MD4 release is finally upon us. Let’s just say it was worth the wait. This disc is the overstable brother of the MD3. The MD4 has a blunt nose with that standard MD3 micro-bead giving it a familiar feel in the hand. Not…Read moreRead more

Discmania CD2

Yellow CD2

No ratings yet. The Discmania CD2 is a fast PDGA approved control driver designed for shaping shots. Its flight has been reported to be similar to the FD, but a tad faster and with a little bit more fade to it. CD2 Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.9 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width:…Read moreRead more

Discmania TDx

Green TDx

No ratings yet. The Discmania TDx is the latest in the TD lineup. This is an understable distance driver that will add distance and control to any player’s game. The TDx can handle more power and snap than most would expect from an understable disc, thus proving to be an excellent disc for higher arm…Read moreRead more

Discmania Sea Serpent

Blue Sea Serpent

No ratings yet. The Discmania Active Sea Serpent is a slightly understable, moderately high speed distance driver. This disc promises distance to all those players who have slightly slower arm speeds. Sea Serpent Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 2.1 cm Max Weight: 175.00 g Additional Information: Speed:…Read moreRead more

Discmania PDx

Yellow PDx

No ratings yet. The long awaited release of the Discmania PDx is finally here! The PDx has the speed and overstability of Discmania’s meat hook driver, the PD2, and also comes with the controllability and versatility of Discmania’s possibly most well-known all-around driver, the PD. The PDx is the perfect hybrid of these two crowd…Read moreRead more

Discmania Enigma

Yellow Enigma

No ratings yet. The Discmania Evolution Enigma is the first Distance Driver  and the fourth disc to be released in Discmania’s Evolution Line, manufactured by Latitude 64. The Enigma is a high speed driver that will provide experienced golfers with some big distance. Enigma Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm…Read moreRead more

Discmania DD3

Red DD3

No ratings yet. The Discmania DD3 is the new disc for distance. Eagle McMahon crushes this disc down the fairway. The “Cloudbreaker” is the title name for the Swirly Star Signature edition. This is a reliable, max distance driver for the more advanced arms- but may still offer some extra distance for intermediate players. FLIGHT…Read moreRead more

Innova Mystere

Orange Mystere

No ratings yet. Originally release only for tournament player pack sponsorships, the Mystere is a smooth distance driver for tight, S-Curve long shots. With an understable release and a dependable fade, it rates one tick faster than that popular Beast (and 2 clicks faster than a Valkyrie). The Mystere also has some excellent glide for…Read moreRead more

Innova Firestorm

Orange Firestorm

No ratings yet. The Firestorm is Innova’s newest high speed driver. The Firestorm is a stable driver designed to be able to push through almost the toughest of conditions. Rain fire down on your opponents scores with this new dependable driver! Firestorm Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.5 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width:…Read moreRead more