Frisbee Gold Disc Courses

Ever wonder where the greatest and most admired courses are scattered across the nation? Interested in taking a road journey this year to hit up some destination courses?

Well lucky for you, we have collected our list of the ten best disc courses in the nation. There are six-thousand six hundred fifty two known disc golf courses in the United States on our official Course Directory.

Disc golf, frisbee golf, or FROFL, no matter what you call it, Colorado has ample of opportunities for this excitement, outdoor sport. Colorado has over two-hundred disc golf courses (DGC) in city parks as well as remote backwoods areas to decide from. Each them have its own exclusive set of scenery as well as challenges.

To help you researching and discovering the best golf course easily, we have compiled a list of the optimum disc golf courses in nation. We will underline some of the state’s best free and paid frisbee golf courses. We also help find out the best alternatives both for beginners and avid players to enjoy.

There is a good chance you just discovered Frisbee Golf, and while the history of the sport is limited, the sport is  growing fast and there will soon be more Frisbee Golf courses in the United States than there are traditional (ball) golf courses. New courses are being built each day. You can find thousands of these courses with information and reviews at websites like