Infinite Discs Tomb

White Tomb

No ratings yet. The TOMB is a flat-topped, low-profile, putt-and-approach disc with a comfortably smooth, beaded rim. The Tomb has just the right amount of stability to cover a fair bit of ground while threading the needle on approach shots, whether it is thrown forehand or backhand. The Tomb can also be used as a…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Scarab

Red Scarab

No ratings yet. The Scarab is a beaded putter that possesses a similar rim configuration to the Infinite Discs Myth, but with a different flight plate. Thus equipping this disc with the ability to give a longer glide for longer putts and approaches. If you love throwing putters for distance, or you’re looking for some…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Ruin

Yellow Ruin

No ratings yet. The Infinite Discs Ruin is the small diameter, overstable approach disc that everyone’s been waiting for! This beadless approach disc will start fading right out of the hand, giving your upshots perfect,and predictable placement. This disc has yet to be released and there is more info to come! Also, keep an eye…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Myth

Purple Myth

No ratings yet. The MYTH is the first putter in the Infinite Discs brand lineup and we wanted to start strong. The Myth is a dependable, beaded putter that comes with a comfortable rim that can be used for either precision putting, or as a driving putter and approach disc. If your putting game can’t…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Cohort

Green Cohort

No ratings yet. The Cohort is a unique putt-and-approach disc that proves to be a great, beadless option for mid-range and approach shots and it comes equipped with a comfortable rim for either backhand or forehand players. The revolution toward smaller-diameter discs for mid-range shots continues and the Cohort is stable enough to hold the…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Ra

Yellow Ra

No ratings yet. The Infinite Discs Ra is a moderately overstable midrange with a very flat top and comfortable, beaded rim. It feels and flies perfectly for both backhand and forehand players. It is difficult to find a midrange that is this easy to control and precise under multiple conditions on the course. Ra Dimensions:…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Chariot

Blue Chariot

No ratings yet. The Chariot is a straight-flying mid-range disc with some excellent glide and a bit of a knack for following the thrower’s angle of release. It can be guided on smooth hyzer lines, on anhyzer turns, or can be used for straight, precision approaches on the fairway. The Chariot finishes with a gentle…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Anubis

Red Anubis

No ratings yet. The Anubis is a straight-flying, all-purpose, precision mid-range disc that will find a place within the bags of both novice and professional players. Every player can count on the Anubis to hold the line no matter if it’s thrown for a shorter approach or for longer distances off the tee. The Anubis…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Sphinx

Green Sphinx

No ratings yet. The SPHINX is the ideal choice for new players who want a distance driver/control driver crossover that won’t fade too soon while still covering as much distance as possible. With an understable release and manageable speed rating, the Sphinx can fly with accuracy and ease. For experienced players the Sphinx is a…Read moreRead more

Infinite Discs Scepter

Pink Scepter

No ratings yet. The Scepter is a flat-top, overstable fairway driver for power throwers or for utility use to get around obstacles that shows themselves on the disc golf course. It is a very comfortable disc for forehand use and will always fight out of anhyzer releases. You can count on the Scepter to slice…Read moreRead more