There are currently more than a dozen different frisbee golf discs manufacturers as well as a good number that are no longer actively producing Frisbees. This list ranks the top 10 manufacturers in order of worldwide popularity.

  1. Innova Champion Discs – Innova is the oldest active manufacturer of frisbee golf discs and held the initial patent for the beveled edge (aerodynamic) disc golf driver. Innova has headquarters in California as well as a massive distribution center in South Carolina. Not only is the Innova brand #1, but they also manufacture frisbees for the popular Discmania, Millennium, Infinite, and Hyzer Bomb brands. Innova likely produces more discs annually than all other disc golf manufacturers combined.
  2. Latitude 64 – Latitude 64 Discs is based out of Sweden and really saw an explosion in popularity and manufacturing with the expiration of the Innova patent. Latitude 64 partnered with Dynamic Discs in 2012 and has quickly risen to become a major force in the United States disc golf market as well. They manufacture frisbees used for the Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs, and Westside Disc Golf brands. It was also just announced that Latitude 64 will begin manufacturing discs for Discmania.
  3. Discraft – Discraft was the primary competitor of Innova in the Frisbee Golf market for years. Their Ultra Star Ultimate Frisbee dominates the Ultimate disc market. Until recently, Discraft saw a gradual decline of market share to with the rise of Latitude 64, Prodigy, and MVP disc sports. Discraft also manufactures discs for the DGA brand and Plastic Addicts.
  4. MVP Disc Sports – About the same time as the rise of Latitude 64 and Prodigy MVP made their mark on the disc golf world with the introduction of “Gyro” technology. MVP uses a patent pending technique of heavier rim weights on their dual plastic overmold discs. MVP also manufactures frisbees for sub brands Axiom and Streamline Discs.
  5. Prodigy Disc – Prodigy took the world by storm at the beginning of 2012 when they took over the professional world by signing many of the top ranked players to their professional team. They unveiled an entire lineup of unknown and unproven molds, and have expanded that lineup in the years since.
  6. Gateway Discs – Gateway is one of the oldest US disc manufacturers and has been around since 1994. They offer dozens of different mold types and plastic blends and continue to regularly come out with new products. Despite their number of molds and and length of time in the industry, Gateway has never really had significant market share among the disc golf manufacturers. They are mostly known for their popular putter molds including the very popular Wizard. Gateway also manufactures a number of sub brand discs including Reptilian, Fly High, and Storm Discs.
  7. Legacy Discs – Legacy is a smaller manufacturer based out of Northern California that offers a nice selection of frisbees in a variety of different plastics.
  8. Kastaplast – Kastaplast is another up and coming disc manufacturer out of Sweden. Kastaplast was formed in 2011 and provides discs with some of the best feeling plastic blends available today.
  9. Viking Discs – Viking Discs was once a major distributor for Westside Discs in Finland. With the sellout of Westside to Latitude 64 and Dynamic, Viking entered the manufacturing world to provide their own disc golf products. Market share in the US is very limited, but they have a significant presence in Europe.
  10. Prodiscus – Prodiscus is another small scale disc manufacturer located in Finland. They produce premium plastic discs including their popular Jokeri putter. Prodiscus also manufactures discs under the Full Turn brand name.
  11. RPM Discs – RPM is the only disc manufacturer located in the Southern Hemisphere. They produce some incredibly gorgeous frisbees from their factory in New Zealand. As disc golf continues to grow in the land down under and Southeast Asia, we expect RPM to become more popular.
  12. Yikun Discs – Yikun is a disc golf manufacturer based in China. They have a few molds that have been decently popular at various times over the years. They also had a brief partnership with Salient Discs before they went under. But it was just announced that they are partnering with Discmania to expand Discmania’s line of discs.
  13. Aresenal Discs had five discs PDGA approved in 2017, but never had much distribution of them. They recently came out with a new putter that appears to be manufactured by Gateway.

Manufacturers Not Actively Producing Discs

The following list is of disc golf manufacturers who still have discs on the market, but aren’t actively marketing or distributing them. These companies may still produce discs on occasion, but they are not anxiously working marketing their products for resale.

  • ABC Discs – ABC has a few somewhat popular discs, including the Beeline distance driver, but we are unsure if they are continuing to produce more.
  • Lightning Discs – Lightning was one of the first US manufacturers and had a popular following in the early days of disc golf but failed to keep up with innovative technology over time. Their last disc to be PDGA approved was the #2 Helix in 2001.
  • Ozone Discs – Ozone has two PDGA discs, the Andro C and the Hyperion which was approved in 2017. We aren’t sure if they are trying to produce more discs or not.
  • Skyquest – Skyquest had three disc molds, two drivers and a putter, in the softest and grippiest plastic I had ever felt. While I loved the feel of these understable drivers, either others did not, or else the companies marketing resources were never sufficient enough to allow this plastic blend to become mainstream.
  • Tobu Discs – Tobu set out to change the world with smart technology discs with electronic sensors that were PDGA approved in 2015. One of the primary functions of these sensors was a tracker to help prevent players from losing discs. However, frisbee golf players failed to sacrifice flight distance for statistics and the discs never really broke into the mainstream.
  • Wham-O – What ever happened to the company that owns the branding rights for the Frisbee name? They had more than a dozen frisbee golf discs in the early 1980’s but likely due to being a big company with many brands decided to shift their focus to hotter Wham-O products. They had three discs PDGA approved in 2017 and their website shows that it’s still possible to purchase a Frisbee golf disc 3 pack set, but we have know idea if they are still actively manufacturing this frisbee golf discs.

Manufacturers No Longer Producing Frisbee Golf Discs

In the last decade there are dozens of small disc golf manufacturers that were never able to really make the disc golf Industry profitable. We really aren’t sure exactly what happened to most of these manufacturers.

  • 1080 Disc Golf – In 2007 1080 Disc Golf approved a disc the “Radius” that supposedly used high quality plastics, gyroscopic technology (these were single mold discs) and printed the mold and production run on their discs. I’m not sure if they ever had more than one run of disc, so it’s hard to verify if this was ever true.
  • Aerobie – With their distribution selling flying rings, Aerobie golf discs were a staple in many sporting goods and hobby stores throughout the country. The Epic was an unusal disc that had a following among players who prefer overhand throws. The rest of their discs were sub par and with the sale of the brand to SwimWays, management decided to know longer continue the Aerobie Brand.
  • Ching – Ching was a somewhat popular disc brand manufactured in China in the mid 2000’s that used a unique “draft technology” and thumb track discs. They still have a website, but it doesn’t look like it’s been updated in a decade and it’s almost impossible to find their discs anywhere.
  • Salient – Salient boldly entered the disc golf market with the slogan “Disc Golf Perfected.” Their arrogant attitude and extremely poor customer service lead to a quick demise despite the popularity of their ultra wide diameter driver, the Prometheus.
  • Vibram – Vibram was one of the more popular selling frisbee golf disc manufacturers for years. Instead of plastic, their discs were made out of rubber. But as a small segment of a huge company, Vibram corporate decided to shut down the unprofitable line. It is possible to still find some Vibram discs online.
  • Quest AT Disc Golf – Quest AT had a brief stint in the disc golf world.
  • RIP – RIP made some very unique double mold putters, but they unfortunately went the way of their company name. They now Rest In Peace in the disc golf manufacturing world.
  • UB – UB introduced three discs in 2013-14. One of them was the Procul driver, which was a painfully uncomfortable disc that just didn’t fly well which probably prevented the company from every succeeding.