Remix Disc Golf

Remix Sports manufacturers premium golf discs and practice baskets that are not PDGA approved. This is a lesser known disc golf brand that have not been heavily marketed through normal disc golf channels in the United States. Remix Sports products seem to be only available on Amazon. We are unsure of their origins, but believe that Remix discs are either manufactured in China or made by MVP Disc Sports in Michigan.

MVP currently manufacturers at least three different disc golf brands and our theory is that the Remix disc golf brand is a budget brand that utilizes the Amazon Prime distribution channel rather than traditional disc golf marketing.

All in all, the existing Remix disc golf discs are made of high quality plastics and seem to be designed for experienced players. Of their existing discs, only the Sparta is somewhat reasonable for beginners. We have not yet tested the Remix baskets, but they appear to be identical in construction to the MVP Black holes family of portable disc golf baskets. The Remix Disc Golf backpack appears to be similar to the Innova Heropack.

Remix Battleship

The Remix Disc Golf Battleship is an overstable midrange with a smooth flat top. This disc has a reliable fade and works well for both backhand and forehand throws. This disc is perfect for windy conditions. The Battleship is a very consistent flying beadless disc and is available in very premium plastics. This disc is…Read more

Remix Ronan

Remix Sports Ronin Disc Golf Driver

The Remix Ronan is an overstable fairway drive with a moderate rim width that works well for experienced players, forehand throws, and windy conditions.  The Ronan has a flight similar to discs like the Innova Thunderbird. This disc is available in premium plastics that are unique from those created by the major disc manufacturers. Not…Read more