How to Play Frisbee Disc Golf?

Frisbee disc golf is played like a traditional golf game. Here the players use Frisbee discs instead of balls and clubs. It is thrown from a tee area. When a player throws down the fairway, they must aim their next throw from the position where the previous throw landed.

Materials needed

The only equipment you need while playing Frisbee disc golf is a disc golf disc. You may have several discs for different throws but it is not required.

Choose a disc

The best disc for a learner or beginner is a mid-range disc or slow driver. The drivers are the pointier edged discs and they will cut through the air easier. The mid-range discs plus putters have thick edges since they are not made to fly very far but instantly.

The right disc weight

You will know the disc weight on the backside of the disc. Light weight discs are finest for beginners. Light weight can be somewhere between 150g-160g.

Mark your disc

After purchasing your favorite disc, immediately write your name along with phone number on the back side of the disc with the help of a permanent marker. It is vital because if you lose your disc most nice players will call you and tell you that they found your disc. You can come get it from them.

Locating a course

Choose the closest disc golf course to your home town. There are several websites online that help players find out courses. You can also find out the best course on our official website. Just research for disc golf discs in your region. Our disc golf course directory online will let you search for courses in your area.

Keep the score

One of the best things about Frisbee disc golf is, the competition is actually with you. Keeping the score will help you track your progress and see improvement.

Disc Stability and Weight

When you are open to learn how to play disc golf, you will prefer to choose discs that are the easiest to throw and control. Choose them even if they don’t go as far as some other discs. Two noteworthy things you will need to consider right away are stability and weight.

Stability comes with some of the most mystifying language in disc golf. The immediate and easy rule of thumb is to go for stability as close to (0) as probable when you’re still learning how to throw. Once you have a straight handle on the general method, you will essentially want to discover a disc that curves to your natural side — i.e. to the correct for right-handers — because the throwing motion you make tends to push a disc away from this side, and you will utilize the curve to help keep things straight.