It’s fairly simple to play Frisbee Golf. Here are some steps to help you get started.

  1. Get a Good Disc. A Free Frisbee you acquired at the local parade will NOT work well for a round of Frisbee Golf. At minimum you want to use an Ultimate Frisbee but even better, purchase a beginner friendly disc designed specifically for disc golf. Here are some good recommendations of good discs for beginners.
  2. Find a place to play. Because Frisbee Golf is growing so quickly, there is likely a course within half an hour of where you live. is an amazing website that will show you all of the Frisbee Golf courses near you with ratings, reviews, and the degree of difficulty of the course. Even if there are not courses nearby, you can still play  in a park or open space by selecting “targets” — this is the way the sport began. It’s okay to be creative and have fun. Just be sure that your course is not in a high congested area where someone could get hurt.
  3. Keep score. Or don’t. One of the best things about Frisbee Golf is that while it can be a social sport, the competition is really with yourself. Keeping score using apps like the Infinite Disc Golf Scorecard app can help you track your progress and see improvement. If you’re not playing Frisbee Golf for the competitiveness, it’s okay to just play for the fun of throwing flying discs too.
  4. Have Fun. Isn’t that what’ it’s really all about?