There are lots of options for carrying your Frisbee Golf Discs. The die hard frolfer has to have a premium backpack that can cost upwards of $200+! Here I provide you with my reviews of different starter bags, economy backpacks, and Luxury Packs.

Best Starter Bags

If you’re new to the sport and are looking for economy, here are my recommendations for the best Frisbee Golf Starter Bags.

1. Infinite Discs Sling Bag– This bag holds 8-10 discs, is stylish, durable, and costs less than $20. I far prefer the sling style to the traditional one strap starter bag. This bag is still light weight, and compact and just a few dollars more than traditional single strap bags.

2. Infinite Discs Starter Bag– I have tried more than six different brands of starter bags. While most of them have the generally the same shape and function, the material the Infinite bag is made of is just better. It will actually last unlike my Lightning and Fade Gear starter bags with their cheap material that wears out after a few dozen rounds.

3. Innova Starter Bag – Like the Infinite Bag, the Innova Starter bag is durable. The water bottle holder on the Innova Starter Bag is less than desirable, but a quality plastic lining ensures that your Innova Starter bag will last at least a few seasons of wear.

Best Economy Bags

1. Dynamic Discs Trooper Bag – The DD Trooper is my recommendation for the best Economy Backpack. It’s just $40 but has a solid shape and function. Depending on your driver vs. putter ratio, you can fit about 18 different frisbees in the Trooper.

2. Prodigy BP3 Bag – The Prodigy BP3 bag is a good bag too, but the Trooper bag is a little more solid and is easier to get your discs in and out of in my opinion. If the extra $10 is more than you want to invest, or if you just like the solid color patterns better, then the BP3 is also a good choice.

3. Latitude 64 Core Bag – The Core bag is solid and comfortable like the Trooper, but in my opinion, this bag is just uglier. In the long run the Core might be of better quality, but for me it’s not worth paying the extra $10 for something uglier that “might” be nicer.

Best Luxury Bag

1. Grip EQ Backpack – When it comes to quality and comfort, no disc golf bag beats the Grip bags. These disc golf bags are not cheap, but they are comfortable, durable and efficient. If you’re looking for a long lasting bag that will serve the purpose, invest in a Grip Bag.

2. Dynamic Discs Commander – In my opinion, the DD Commander bag is the most comfortable and functional of all the different DD bags. I never really liked the top heaviness of the Ranger bag and it really wasn’t very comfortable for me. The Commander is more comfortable and I like the ease of getting your discs, mini, scorecard and anything else out of it. As an added bonus, the Commander is about $100 less than the Grip bags, so is an excellent choice if you don’t want to pay the premium price.

3. Innova Super Hero – The Super Hero Bag is the most affordable of my top three Luxury bags. This backpack will hold more Frisbees than will the Commander and is still very convenient and adequately comfortable. The Hero Bag is very light weight and a solid all around choice. Personally, I’m not a big fan of the designs, which is one of the reasons I rank the Commander above the Super Hero.