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Above Ground Level Cypress

The Cypress was originally launched as an overstable distance driver that had flight numbers of 12/4/0/3 but has since been retooled to be more friendly for throwers of all skill levels. The retooled Cypress has flight numbers of 12/5/-2/2 and has a slightly more blunt rim edge. Make sure to note whether you are purchasing…Read more

Yikun Meteor Hammer

Purple Meteor Hammer

The Meteor Hammer is a double-overmold putter and the double-overmold discs are a Yikun specialty! The Meteor Hammer is not like it’s counterpart, the Hammer (Chui). The Meteor Hammer is a rounded putter that has a dead straight flight path to a slightly understable one. It’s really nice for putting and driving alike, if you…Read more

Yikun Gou

Orange Gou

The Gou (Chinese for Sky Dog) is a very understable fairway driver that is ideal for beginners. The Gou is a disc that gives some very easy distance for beginning players learning how to throw. For players with more experience, the Gou is a great choice for straight line hyzer flip shots. Gou Dimensions: Diameter:…Read more

Westside Swan 1 Reborn

Grey Swan1 Reborn

The Swan 1 Reborn uses the mold of the original Westside Swan that was discontinued, but that has now been brought back. This Swan version is more understable than the newer Swan 2, which has been around for a few years. For any arm speed, this disc is an amazingly straight disc, right out of…Read more

Westside Anvil

Orange VIP

When the wind is blowing all other discs off course and you need a disc that will be an overstable midrange, look no further than the Anvil. The Anvil offers good speed for a midrange, and more stability than the Bard. One may think this disc to be a beadless Justice with a little bit…Read more

Westside Destiny

White Destiny

Westside Discs’ Destiny is an understable super-high speed driver. This disc has two undeniable aspects to it- speed and glide. This beauty really gets out there. For high arm speeds, you will still see great distance when throwing a lower power throw. For arms with lower speeds, this disc will become a reliable long distance…Read more

Vibram Notch

Orange and White Notch

The Vibram Notch is a massively overstable fairway driver that is sure to impress. Vibram describes the Notch like this,  “It can handle tons of power, laughs at winds, and still gives a good amount of glide. A comfortable grip provides a consistent release making this one of our most reliable discs. The Notch is the…Read more

Prodiscus STARi

Orange STARi

The STARi is a brand new disc from Prodiscus. This disc claims that it will be a great choice for anhyzer throws. That will be entirely up to you, as to whether or not it is up to the challenge of a anhyzer. STARi Dimensions: Diameter: 21.6 cm Height: 1.9 cm Rim Depth: 1.4 cm…Read more