Does frisbee golf plastic type really matter?

Nicks and WEar in Inexpensive Disc Practice

5/5 (1) Different Plastic Types When shopping online for frisbee golf discs, you’ll quickly notice that there are several different varieties of plastic, and that the prices vary substantially between these different plastic blends. The question arises, do the plastic types really matter? Does it make a difference? Are the more expensive blends worth the…Read moreRead more

Frisbee Golf to Be Considered for Olympics?

No ratings yet. As fans of the sport, we would love to see Frisbee Golf as an Olympic event. However, the reality is that disc golf just isn’t played in most countries of the world right now, which kind of takes away from the entire Olympic vibe. Perhaps sometime in the future. This New Zealand…Read moreRead more

NY Mets’ Pitcher Seth Lugo a Frisbee Golfer

No ratings yet. As frisbee golfers, it’s fun to see when professional athletes play our sport. According to a New York Post article, Mets pitcher Seth Lugo is a Frisbee Golfer, and pretty good at it too. It makes sense that a professional baseball player would be good at disc golf as a the motion…Read moreRead more

Frisbee vs Golf 

No ratings yet. This is a fun video showing a different kind of Frisbee vs Golf. This competition isn’t exactly Frisbee Golf, but it’s fun to watch, and you have to be impressed with the athleticism of both these contestants playing in their non principal sport. Smith has become a youtube sensation with his trick…Read moreRead more

Failed California Golf Course re-uses land to include Frisbee Golf

No ratings yet. In San Luis Obispo California, local government has stepped in to reuse a failed golf course to become a multi-use park that includes among other things– Frisbee Golf. There are hundreds of municipalities and private golf courses in the United States that are a financial burden on the local communities. It does…Read moreRead more

Is MVP “Gyro” Technology Real?

No ratings yet. Frisbees manufactured my MVP Disc Sports use what they call “gyro technology.” Rather than just use a single plastic mold like most other disc manufacturers, MVP uses a heavier, more dense plastic on the rim than the plastic used on the flight plate (center of the disc). This supposedly helps  these discs…Read moreRead more

Celebrating The 62nd Anniversary of the Frisbee

No ratings yet. Today marks the 62nd Anniversary of the invention of the Frisbee.  The first Frisbee’s were produced on January 23rd, 1957 by the Wham-O Toy company. These devices were invented by Walter Frederick Morrison who first thought of the idea while playing catch with his girlfriend on the beach with a tin cake…Read moreRead more

Innova Thunderbird

No ratings yet. The Thunderbird is the newest Innova disc to be approved by the PDGA on August 5th. Innova describes this new driver as a TeeBird with the speed of a Valkyrie, or as a “beat in” Firebird. It’s no coincidence that Innova included Bird in the name of this disc. This disc is…Read moreRead more

MVP Impulse

4/5 (1) The MVP Impulse is the fourth true distance driver introduced to the MVP Frisbee Golf discs line was made available June 20th, 2014. The Impulse is more understable than the MVP Inertia and extends the range of Switch and provides maximum distance for moderate arm disc golfers.. Disc golfers with big arms will…Read moreRead more

Innova TeeBird3

No ratings yet. The worlds most popular fairway driver now has a new enhanced mold. The all new TeeBird3 is a sleeker, faster, version of the stable fairway driver hundreds of thousands of disc golfers have learned to trust. The TeeBird 3 frisbee golf disc utilizes a flatter top than the original TeeBird. It is…Read moreRead more