Prodigy Disc

Prodigy Disc is a leading US disc manufacturer located in Georgia. They offer a full line of frisbee golf discs in a variety of different plastics. Prodigy discs are designed for professional disc golfers.

Prodigy D1 Max

White D1 Max

No ratings yet. The D1 was the most overstable in the distance driver “D” line for Prodigy. The D1 MAX is a retooled edition that is made for even better and more reliable distance performance. It features a slightly smaller rim and a smooth profile on top. The D1 Max will be produced alongside the…Read more

Prodigy H2

No ratings yet. The H2 is a moderate speed frisbee golf disc manufactured by Prodigy Disc. This is described as an overstable speed 9-10 driver that falls perfectly between the fast distance drivers and the controllable fairway drivers. The H2 is not quite as overstable as the H1 and provides substantially more glide. This disc…Read more

Prodigy H1

Red H1

No ratings yet. The H1, or Hybrid 1 is the new overstable driver in the Prodigy line. This disc is described as a very overstable speed 10 driver that fills the gap between the X1 and the F1. Prodigy claims this disc is extremely overstable for 90% of disc golfers, highly predictable, and has become…Read more

Prodigy X1

No ratings yet. The Prodigy X1 is an incredibly overstable D-series prodigy distance driver. The X1 was only made available ONLY in Prodigy’s 750 series plastic. The X1 has a substantially thinner profile than other D-Series Prodigy Drivers. This disc is nearly half a centimeter shorter than the D1 standing just 1.5cm tall. The X1 has…Read more

Prodigy PA-3

Red PA-3

No ratings yet. The fourth putter in the Prodigy line is described as “the straightest flying” prodigy putter. The PA3 is a beaded putter, meaning it comes equipped with a small bump around the rim. Many disc golfers find putters that include a beaded rim are typically more comfortable. PA-3 Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height:…Read more

Prodigy M5

Yellow M5

No ratings yet. The Prodigy M5 is the first understable midrange in the Prodigy Line. For fans of Prodigy looking for a turning mid that will hold long anhyzer lines, this is the disc to choose. Unlike the other Prodigy mid range drivers that all have a similar feel, the M5 is taller and it’s…Read more

Prodigy F5

White F5

No ratings yet. The Prodigy F5 fairway driver is a straight flying fairway driver that’s not quite as understable as the F7. At 1.9cm tall, the F5 is significantly taller than other existing fairway drivers, which all have a height of 1.5cm. The wing length, or rim width, is 1.8cm, just like all the other…Read more

Prodigy D5

Orange D5

No ratings yet. The Prodigy D5 is a high speed very understable distance driver. This is the Prodigy driver for less experienced players who are looking for a straight drive or anyone who wants a steady hyzer-flip. The D5 is the disc you want if you’re a fan of Prodigy, or if you’re looking for…Read more

Prodigy X-Outs Midrange

No ratings yet. Errors on the manufacturing side become your benefit when you purchase Prodigy X-Out midrange discs. These discs generally have cosmetic flaws that don’t effect the discs flight. Some of our X-out mids have duplicate stamps, bad stamps, or the wrong stamp (M3 was labeled an M1). Other factory seconds issues include coloring…Read more

Prodigy X-Out Putters

No ratings yet. The cheapest way to buy Prodigy Putters is to buy X-Outs. These slightly flawed discs are discounted far below retail price, and in many instances, the flaws aren’t even noticeable. In some cases, these discs have misprinted stamps. In other cases, factory seconds have errors with disc coloring. X-out defects should not…Read more