Tips for Playing Frisbee Golf in Winter

No ratings yet. Are the cold days of winter keeping you away from your beloved Frisbees? While Frisbee Golf is a summer sport, it’s also one that can be fully enjoyed in the winter. Here are a few tips for winter play: 1. Invest in Hand Warmers  If you are going to play cold rounds…Read moreRead more

Black Friday Frisbee Golf Deals

No ratings yet. Do you love Black Friday Deals? Do you, or a loved one of yours love Frisbee Golf? This is your guide to Black Friday Disc Golf Deals. This post will be updated as we find out more deals, but here is what we know so far. Mystery Deals Boxes One of the…Read moreRead more

The Coolest Looking Frisbee Golf Discs You Will Ever See

No ratings yet. I just got to see the coolest looking Frisbee Golf Discs I have ever seen. Discraft has a new “full foil” disc style that looks just amazing. While most frisbee golf manufacturers hot stamp foil on discs, Discraft makes the entire disc FOIL! This enables it to sparkle and shine with different…Read moreRead more

Rovic Frisbee Golf Cart

No ratings yet. I got a chance to test out the new Rovic RV1D disc golf cart. This is a great way to carry around all the discs you want, without all that weight on your back. It’s a pretty good set up. Check out some pictures for this cart here: The umbrella holder on…Read moreRead more

Review of the New Innova Discover Bag

Product Reviews

No ratings yet. I took a family trip to Moab, Utah this weekend and used it as an opportunity to test out the new Innova Discover Bag. The Innova Discover Pack is an INCREDIBLY CHEAP backpack style frisbee golf bag. It is currently the least expensive backpack style bag on the market. As is the case…Read moreRead more

Axiom Theory

3.5/5 (2) The Theory is an understable Axiom midrange, described as the perfect complement to the Alias. When thrown with a flat release and moderate power, the Theory will turn predictably with great drift. For newer disc golfers with limited power, the Theory is a very straight flying disc. Theory Dimensions: Diameter: 21.5 cm Height:…Read moreRead more

Prodigy H2

No ratings yet. The H2 is a moderate speed frisbee golf disc manufactured by Prodigy Disc. This is described as an overstable speed 9-10 driver that falls perfectly between the fast distance drivers and the controllable fairway drivers. The H2 is not quite as overstable as the H1 and provides substantially more glide. This disc…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Felon

No ratings yet. The Felon is an overstable frisbee golf driver driver in the DD line. This is what Dynamic Discs has to say about the Felon. “Dynamic Discs is bringing the disc that so many of you have been asking and hoping for. The Felon is here. In the same vein as our game…Read moreRead more

Innova Thunderbird

No ratings yet. The Innova TeeBird3 is the sleeker, faster, version of the most popular fairway driver in the world, that hundreds of thousands of disc golfers have come to trust. The ‘3’ utilizes a flatter top than the original TeeBird. It is slightly faster (speed 8) than it’s older counterpart but glides less (4)…Read moreRead more

Innova Pulsar

No ratings yet. The Pulsar is a comfortable disc which is the Offical Disc of the MLS.  This is actually an Ultimate Frisbee golf disc and not a disc golf disc. We don’t suggesting taking this disc out and playing disc golf with it… there are better discs for that. But for catch and throw,…Read moreRead more