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I took a family trip to Moab, Utah this weekend and used it as an opportunity to test out the new Innova Discover Bag.

The Innova Discover Pack is an INCREDIBLY CHEAP backpack style frisbee golf bag. It is currently the least expensive backpack style bag on the market.

As is the case with most things, you get what you pay for. And while this is an adequate bag to carry your Frisbee golf discs, it is nowhere remotely close to the quality of a more expensive back pack. All in all it is a good bag for the price and will meet the needs of many recreational Frisbee golf players.

The material of the Discover Bag is light weight and relatively flimsy. The bag itself only weighs about one pound which is a pro because of the light weight, but surely won’t be as durable as heavier and more dense material. I found the bag very comfortable to wear unlike many of the more expensive backpacks I have tried. A nice thing about the light material is that I was able to fold it up very compactly which helped it fit in my car where I had limited space. While the main material is very thin, the bottom of the bag is enforced with a U-Shape cardboard enforced lining which helps the discs remain upright and will help the bag last longer in the areas it is most vulnerable to wear and tear.

The annoying thing about the flimsiness of the bag is that it easily tipped over, and did not hold my water bottle well (as evidenced in the above photos).  The course I played was hilly, so the bag tipped over easily and several times the discs spilled out. I didn’t have the bag filled to capacity and perhaps that would have prevented the disc spills.

Pros of the Discover Bag

  • Incredible Value (Starter bag price for a backpack!)
  • Comfortable
  • Holds up to 18 discs (more than any starter bag)
  • Takes up hardly any space, great for travel.

Cons of the Innova Discover Pack

  • Not likely to last multiple years of use
  • Tips over easily and spills discs when on hills
Overall, if you’re looking for a backpack style bag at a budget price that will hold 15+ discs, the Discover Pack is worth the investment. This bag is excellent as travel bag due to its light weight and the fact that it can fold up to take up less space.

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