Lightning is one of the oldest disc golf manufacturers. They do not actively create new discs any more but it may be possible to still find some of their discs at select retail locations.

Lightning #2 Driver

Orange #2 Driver

This is a stable flying driver that flies straight and glides well. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #2 Driver Dimensions: Diameter: 21.4cm (98.79% of average) Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average) Rim Thickness 1.6cm (108% of average) Available Weights (Standard): 170-178g

Lightning #2 Roller

Red #2 Roller

This driver is specifically designed to roll across the ground and it has one of the widest diameters on the market.This disc is no longer available. #2 Roller Dimensions: Diameter: 21.7 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 1.8 cm Max Weight: 195.00 g Additional Information: Speed: 6.0 Glide: 6.0 Turn: -2.0…Read more

Lightning #2 Upshot

Yellow #2 Upshot

Approaching a shot which is above you? The Upshot has just the right mix of turn and fade to stay on a straight course towards an upward approach target. Lightning #2 Upshot Dimensions: Diameter: 21.4cm (98.79% of average) Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average) Rim Thickness .9cm (61.52% of average) Available Weights: 165-176g

Lightning #3 Flyer

Orange #3 Flyer

This is another great stable flying fairway driver. The #3 Flyer was a favorite for advanced players for mid to long range straight shots. If you want an inexpensive, no nonsense, predictable straight flyer, then this is definitely worth considering. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #3 Flyer Dimensions: Diameter: 21.2cm (99.11% of average)…Read more

Lightning #3 Hyzer

Blue #3 Hyzer

The #3 Hyzer by Lightning is a very, very overstable disc with flight ratings of 4/4/0/4. Use this disc on midrange shots which need to hook right into the target. This disc is also excellent for beginners, as the disc can come in lighter weights. This disc is no longer available. Lightning #3 Hyzer Dimensions:…Read more

Lightning #3 Slice

Red #3 Slice

The flight ratings of the #3 Slice are 6/5/-3/1. As an understable disc, you’ll find the #3 Slice will work well for making those difficult shots that need a steep anhyzer throw. This is also a great choice for a midrange disc for new disc golfers. This disc is no longer available. #3 Slice Dimensions:…Read more

Lightning #3 Driver

Orange #3 Driver

the #3 Driver will provide newer players with long flights due to its substantial speed and fade. This is a taller than average driver (2 cm tall), with a relatively thin wing length. #3 Driver Dimensions Diameter: 22.5cm (99.72% of average, 103.87% average Fairway) Height: 2.0cm (99.65% of average, 113.21% average Fairway) Rim Depth: 1.2cm…Read more

Lightning #3 Hookshot

Purple Hookshot

The third Hookshot in the Lightning lineup is recommended for throws from 250 to 300.’ The overstableness of the #3 Hookshot allows the disc to remain stable even when facing unexpected wind gusts. This disc is more of a midrange than it is a driver, and floats in water, so long as it weighs less…Read more

Lightning #4 Driver

Yellow #4 Driver

The #4 Driver is a fairly stable fairway driver. This disc comes equipped with a moderate speed, substantial amounts of turn, and a fairly heavy fade. In light weights this disc will turn itself over and slice to its right. In heavy weights this disc is overstable and instead curves to the left. #4 Driver…Read more