Lightning MX-1

Green MX 1

No ratings yet. Lightning’s fastest distance driver. The MX1 is a sleek disc with a thin rim depth. This disc’s rim is thicker than any other Lightning disc at 2.1 cm. The flight path of the MX-1 is slightly overstable and it comes with a very significant high speed turn and substantial end flight fade….Read moreRead more

Lightning Rubber Putter

Yellow Rubber Putter

No ratings yet. This stable straight flying putter has a great feel that is sure to aid in making putts. The Rubber putter has a very thin, but deep rim, and is taller than the average disc at 2.2cm in height. The Rubber putter isn’t really made of rubber, but instead is a grippy plastic…Read moreRead more

Lightning Upshot

Orange Upshot

No ratings yet. Improve your short game with The Upshot. This putt and approach disc has absolutely minimal fade to aid you in landing near the basket on approach shots, and in the chains from putts. This disc also floats in water and is inexpensive. This disc is no longer available. Upshot Dimensions: Diameter: 21.6…Read moreRead more

Lightning #2 Slice

Orange #2 Slice

No ratings yet. If you’re looking for an inexpensive disc that will turnover and curve to the right on your backhand throw, the #2 Slice is one to consider. This is the most understable disc that Lightning makes, and in its ultra low weights, it is considered to be one of the most understable discs…Read moreRead more

Lightning #2 Putter

#2 Putter

No ratings yet. If you’re looking for an inexpensive straight flying putter, you can’t beat the #2 putter. This is a slow flying, easy to control disc that wont stray from its intended flight path. This putter floats, making it ideal for baskets near water. This disc is no longer available. #2 Putter Dimensions Diameter:…Read moreRead more

Lightning #2 Hyzer

Orange #2 Hyzer

No ratings yet. The #2 Hyzer is a “radical, overstable Hookshot that is totally wind resistant”. This Hyzer is not only the most overstable disc Lightning makes, but boasts of being one of the most overstable on the market. If you are a power thrower who wants a medium driver that won’t flip over at…Read moreRead more

Lightning #2 Hookshot

Orange #2 Hookshot

No ratings yet. Lightning claims that the #2 Hookshot is a “very fast, long range driver”. We consider it more of a midrange hooking control disc, this is just not that fast of a disc. The #1 Hookshot can handle strong winds and powerful throws, it also makes for an excellent midrange disc. This disc…Read moreRead more

Lightning #2 Helix

#2 Helix

No ratings yet. The #2 Helix is one of the fastest flying discs in the Lightning line. This disc is overstable, with some high speed turn at the front of the flight allowing for great helix (S-Curve) shots when given power at an anhyzer angle. Lightning recommends this disc for advanced players. In Lightning’s Standard…Read moreRead more

Lightning #1 Slice

White #1 Slice

No ratings yet. The #1 Slice is one of Lightnings faster understable drivers. This disc will maintain its turnover flight for power throwers, and experience a helix S-curve for intermediate disc golfers. In the standard Lighting plastic, the #1 Slice floats in water, so long as it is less than 170 grams. This disc is…Read moreRead more

Lightning #2 Roller

Pink #2 Roller

No ratings yet. The #2 Roller is a unique disc with a wide diameter that will turnover and roll for almost all forehand throws. It was designed specifically to roll along the ground. This disc is no longer available. #2 Roller Dimensions Diameter: 21.7cm (100.18% of average, 101.34% average Fairway) Height: 1.7cm (84.70% of average,…Read moreRead more