Full Turn Passport

Red Passport

No ratings yet. The Passport is the document you must present to reach your final destination and this disc most certainly lives up to it’s name! Tthis introductory putter from Full Turn is your very own passport to the basket as you complete each hole. Passport Dimensions: Diameter: 21.2 cm Height: 2.1 cm Rim Depth:…Read moreRead more

Full Turn Navigator

Green Navigator

No ratings yet. The Navigator is a easy-to-throw, slightly overstable mid-range disc to navigate your way to the basket. It is a comfortable disc to throw, and ready for deployment at a moments notice. Navigator Dimensions: Diameter: 21.6 cm Height: 1.7 cm Rim Depth: 1.5 cm Rim Width: 1.4 cm Max Weight: 179.00 g Additional…Read moreRead more

Full Turn Drifter

Blue Drifter

No ratings yet. The Drifter is a straight to understable, high speed control driver. It can fly true for new players who do not yet have the arm speed required for more overstable or higher speed discs. The Drifter is good choice for those instances when you need a straight shot with a manageable fade….Read moreRead more

Full Turn Voyage

White Voyage

No ratings yet. The Voyage is the most overstable high speed driver in Full Turn’s lineup. It’s overstable and features a great glide that is mixed with a very reliable fade. Voyage Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.8 cm Rim Depth: 1.1 cm Rim Width: 2.3 cm Max Weight: 174.00 g Additional Information: Speed: 12.0…Read moreRead more

Full Turn Traveler

Blue Traveler

No ratings yet. The Traveler is a new overstable driver made by Full Turn. They describe The Traveler in their own words, “No path ahead is too daunting for the Traveler. Word about the first disc in the Full Turn line is traveling quickly and should be an important piece in your bag. This overstable distance driver…Read moreRead more

Full Turn Cruise

Yellow Cruize

No ratings yet. The Cruise is Full Turn’s newest and one of there faster discs, coming in at speed 13. However, it is manageable by all skill levels, thanks to it’s early turn in flight, and it’s late fade with great glide, making it a very controllable disc. Cruise Dimensions: Diameter: 21.1 cm Height: 1.6…Read moreRead more