DiscDiver Golden Retriever

No ratings yet. The Golden Retriever by DiscDiver is a foldable contraption which retrieves discs out of the water and takes minimal space. The Golden Retriever can recover discs from out of the water which may be up to 50 feet from the shore. To use the Golden Retriever: Unwind the Golden Retriever’s throw rope…Read moreRead more

MVP Resistor

No ratings yet. The all new MVP resistor is described as a slower overstable fairway drive with more controllable speed. The Resistor has a flat profile that makes it excellent for forehand flick and overhand shots. The Resistor compliments the MVP line of control drivers by providing a more overstable driver than the Shock. Utilizing…Read moreRead more

Millennium X-Outs

No ratings yet. Did you know that Millennium discs are manufactured by Innova? Well they are, and once in a while mistakes happen during the manufacturing and printing process. When this occurs, Innova sells these discs as X-Outs. These factory second and misprint discs can be purchased for well below retail price. We have a…Read moreRead more

Prodigy M4

No ratings yet. The M4 was one of the first midrange golf discs released by Prodigy Disc. The M4 is currently the most understable mid in their line. This disc is excellent for beginners, tunnel shots, and turnover throws. The first runs of the M4 are available in the premium, grippy, plastic used in the…Read moreRead more

Prodigy M1

No ratings yet. The Prodigy M1 is the midrange golf discreleased by Prodigy Disc. This overstable mid is available in grippy, durable, series 400 plasticThe M1 is said to be a good midrange golf disc for windy days, and will likely be the preferred Prodigy mid for golfers with big arms. The M1 was PDGA…Read moreRead more

MVP Tangent

No ratings yet. [quote]According to MVP: The Tangent is a big hit. It has been ultra-reliable for novice and advance players alike for its ability to hold any line of release. The Tangent can hold easy straight lines with lower power throws, and is also capable of high power throws with a smooth subtle turn.[/quote]…Read moreRead more

Prodigy D1

No ratings yet. Many of the top disc golf pros in the world have converted to Prodigy Discs, with the D1 being the preferred driver of choice. The Prodigy D1 is an overstable, ultra high speed driver – we’ve given it a speed 13 using the Innova system. Like all very high speed drivers, the…Read moreRead more

Innova Tern

Clear and Blue Tern

No ratings yet. The Tern is a understable high speed driver in Innovas line of discs. Being understable, this is a disc that provides max distance for intermediate players as well as a good level of comfort.  While the Tern comes equipped with a wide rim it isn’t decked out to its max width unlike…Read moreRead more

Vibram Lace

No ratings yet. [box type=”bio”] Vibram Lace Inventory has Moved We are transitioning to the new 2.0 version of Infinite Discs. New inventory for the Lace is added here: http://beta.infinitediscs.com Please Consider: Development is still underway on our new site. If you run into a glitch, please report it to us by emailing support@infinitediscs.com. We…Read moreRead more

Innova Leopard

Yellow Leopard

No ratings yet. The Leopard is the classic straight flying Innova fairway driver. This disc is often seen in starter sets thanks to its reliable flight path and limited fade. It’s not the fastest flying disc (speed 6) but new players probably will see more distance than any other disc out there. While the Leopard…Read moreRead more