While lots of practice is the best way to get good at Frisbee Golf, having good form will pay dividends to your potential to improve at the game. Here you will find some of the best tips and clinics to help you throw farther and more accurately.

Putting Clinics

The quickest way to shave strokes off your disc golf game is to lower your number of putts. Here are a few different putting clinics by disc golf professionals who literally make putts for a living. Perhaps some of these tips will help you improve your game.

Ricky Wysocki

Arguably the best putter in the world.

Dave Feldberg

Master Disc Golf Instructor and World Champion

Madison Walker

Putting Tips from a Woman’s Perspective


Driving Clinics

If you’re like most new frolfers, the one thing you want to do is get more distance. You try and throw so hard — but the disc just doesn’t go very far, and then you watch other people at the park effortlessly throw for three hundred feet and park their disc under the basket for an easy putt for birdie. The key to getting more disc golf distance is usually improving your form and technique. These tips are sure to help you get more distance.


Using the right grip, and properly holding your Frisbee will have a big impact on how much distance you can get.

Stance and Line Up

Standing properly and lining up so that you maximize speed and power.

Reach Back and Run Up

Tips on the best way to get more distance by reaching back and running up.

Follow Through

Follow through is the last point of emphasis to work on to master your form and distance.