Legacy Grinders (X-Outs)

No ratings yet. Legacy factory seconds, misprints, and x-outs are all stamped with the “Grinder” stamp. Due to a manufacturing or hot stamp issue, Legacy has deemed that these discs do not meet their quality standards. Grinders provide a a great way to try out new Legacy frisbee golf discs, without having to pay full…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Distance Drivers

No ratings yet. When Discraft has errors during their hot stamp process, these discs are labeled as misprints and are sold at a discount. These discs have nothing wrong with their plastic and molding, just slight cosmetic defects with the stamp. Many Discraft misprints happen during custom print orders for clubs and tournaments. In other…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Fairway Drivers

No ratings yet. The discs that Discraft refers to as “Long Range” and “Extra Long Range” drivers, we refer to as fairway drivers. We have a large selection of misprint fairway drivers at a discounted price right here. These discs fly great, they just have slight printing blemishes in the hot stamps. Some of these…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Putters

No ratings yet. The best way to lower your disc golf scores is to improve your putting. The best way to improve your putting game, is to have multiple putters in which to practice with. The least expensive way to purchase multiple putters is to purchase misprints. Buy several different varieties to find which putter…Read moreRead more

Discraft Misprints: Midrange

No ratings yet. For fans of Discraft’s quality midrange discs, that also like great deals, check out the midrange misprint discs we currently have for sale. Factory misprint discs are the same quality as any other Discraft discs, they simply had a hot stamp error that effects their visual appearance. These stamp errors give the…Read moreRead more

Latitude 64 Misprint Mids & Putters

No ratings yet. If you’re not sure what putter or midrange discs to try, why not save a few bucks by purchasing a misprint. This page lists the current selection of misprint putt and approach discs as well as midrange discs manufactured by Latitude 64. The only flaws on these discs are the stamps. Many…Read moreRead more

Discmania X-Outs

No ratings yet. Discmania discs are manufactured by Innova. When errors occur in manufacturing, we occasionally get Discmania X-Outs or Factory Seconds in our Innova orders. These discs typically have misprinted logo’s or might manufacturing blemishes. One thing for sure is that you will save money when buying factory seconds. Click the “ordering options” button…Read moreRead more

Millennium X-Outs

No ratings yet. Did you know that Millennium discs are manufactured by Innova? Well they are, and once in a while mistakes happen during the manufacturing and printing process. When this occurs, Innova sells these discs as X-Outs. These factory second and misprint discs can be purchased for well below retail price. We have a…Read moreRead more

Innova X-Out Distance Drivers

No ratings yet. The least expensive way to get high quality plastic distance drivers is by purchasing X-Outs. If you like testing discs, or just paying less money, then Innova X-Outs are an excellent solution. There are primarily two types of X-Out drivers: [box] Misprints: When an error is made during the stamping process (usually…Read moreRead more

Innova X-Out Fairway Drivers

No ratings yet. Once in a while, Innova makes a mistake while manufacturing their high quality fairway drivers. These mistakes are usually very minor – and often involve the misprint of custom stamped discs. In many cases the discs receive double, or triple stamps rather than just one. These Factory Seconds, and Misprints are made…Read moreRead more