Innova X-Out Distance Drivers

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The least expensive way to get high quality plastic distance drivers is by purchasing X-Outs. If you like testing discs, or just paying less money, then Innova X-Outs are an excellent solution.

There are primarily two types of X-Out drivers:

Misprints: When an error is made during the stamping process (usually double stamps or errors with custom stamp orders), Innova reselles these drivers as X-Outs. The only defect of these misprints is the stamp appearance.

Factory Seconds: When something goes wrong during the manufacturing process (coloring issue, plastic mold abnormality, etc.) that will not have an impact on a discs flight characterestics, Innova brands these discs as X-Outs.

See what distance drivers we have available from Innova Champion Discs by selecting the “Ordering Options” button now.

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