Dynamic Discs Felon

No ratings yet. The Felon is an overstable frisbee golf driver driver in the DD line. This is what Dynamic Discs has to say about the Felon. “Dynamic Discs is bringing the disc that so many of you have been asking and hoping for. The Felon is here. In the same vein as our game…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Enforcer

Orange Enforcer

No ratings yet. This fast driver is very overstable disc with a similar sized rim as the Trespass. Dynamic Discs fan will be very excited to have another driver in this quality line. Dynamic Discs says this about the Enforcer, “The Enforcer is a wide rim, high speed driver that is an overstable complement to…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Thief

White Theif with Red Markings

No ratings yet. The Dynamic Discs Thief is the new fairway driver that was included as part of the 2014 Trilogy Challenge players pack. The Thief is a great disc that is friendly to new and experienced players alike and is more stable than the new DD Witness. DD describes the thief like this, “..a…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Witness

Light Purple Witness

No ratings yet. Want to throw those beautiful S curves like a pro but just don’t have the arm for it? Then the Witness is what you want. This is the ideal disc for beginners because of the easy distance and stellar glide it provides. The Witness will fly like a more understable Latitude 64…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Warden

Grey Warden with Gold Markings

No ratings yet. The Warden is the beadless version of the popular Dynamic Discs Judge. This is a disc that is a straight shooter with a minimal fade and is the second in Dynamic Discs lineup that can boast this. It will be available in both classic and classic soft plastic, and offers an ultra…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Verdict

White Verdict with Blue markings

No ratings yet. This is a very overstable midrange designed to handle a lot of torque and give accurate, consistent flights. These are unique discs with a flat, almost concave top. All Verdict’s stamped either “Prototype” or “First Run – Prototype” are stamped with Truth on the back. The disc was originially to be released…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Truth

5/5 (1) The Dynamic Discs Truth is one of the top midrange frisbees on the market. This disc is known as the truth because of it’s straight flight path. The Truth has a very similar flight rating to many of the other top rated midrange discs like the Discraft Buzzz. Rate This Disc Rate This…Read moreRead more

DD Misprints

No ratings yet. If you’re looking for cheap Dynamic Discs, consider buying misprints. These discs are as good a “normal” disc of the same model. There was simply an error made while printing the stamp. In some cases the stamp was printed multiple times. In other cases the foil just didn’t set properly. Once in…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Renegade

Yellow Renegade

No ratings yet. Dynamic Discs long distance driver promises max distance for intermediate-advanced disc golfers. With a powerful throw into headwinds or rollers, the Renegade shows its abilities in being a very understable disc. This disc possesses an impressive degree of high speed turn, impressive gliding capabilities, and significant low speed fade. The Dynamic Discs…Read moreRead more

Dynamic Discs Suspect

Gold Suspect with Blue markings

No ratings yet. The Suspect is a unique versatile disc in the Dynamic Discs line. This is a relatively slow midrange with a small diameter. Coming in at a height of only 1.6cm, this is a thin disc even for a midrange. The Suspect is a very overstable disc ideal for windy days and powerful…Read moreRead more