Discmania Active Line Discs Available Now

Discmania Yikun Discs

No ratings yet. The least expensive Frisbee Golf Discs on the market are now available as part of the Discmania Active Line. These discs are manufactured in China by Yikun Disc Sports. Thus far, all discs in the Discmania Active Line are available only in a base plastic. I got a chance to feel these…Read moreRead more

Discmania Active Guardian Lion

5/5 (1) The Discmania Guardian Lion is the first frisbee golf disc made available from the recent Discmania/Yikun partnership and is branded with the Active Line stamp. The Guardian Lion is an easy to throw base plastic putt and approach disc that is similar to the Yikun Gui putter. This frisbee is perfect for lowering…Read moreRead more

Discmania FD2

Dismania FD2 Blue

No ratings yet. Unlike the original straight flying FD Jackal, the FD2 is a stable flying fairway driver with TeeBird like flight ratings. Discmania gives the FD2 this description: “The FD2 is a reliable speed 7 workhorse fairway driver for all skill levels. It’s not too glidey to avoid you from sailing off-target and it…Read moreRead more

Discmania X-Outs

No ratings yet. Discmania discs are manufactured by Innova. When errors occur in manufacturing, we occasionally get Discmania X-Outs or Factory Seconds in our Innova orders. These discs typically have misprinted logo’s or might manufacturing blemishes. One thing for sure is that you will save money when buying factory seconds. Click the “ordering options” button…Read moreRead more

Discmania P3

Discmania P3 Clear & Gold

No ratings yet. The P3 is an overstable putter in the Discmania line. This disc is described as a cross between a putter and a mid range. The P3 excels as a driving putter with better distance potential than traditional putt and approach discs. As an overstable disc, the P3 performs well in turbulence. It…Read moreRead more

Discmania MD3

Discmania MD3 Yellow

No ratings yet. The new MD3 is a fast stable midrange that performs well in all weather conditions. This disc was designed for the player who prefers to have more power in his throws. As such this disc was made to handle hard throws. It won’t flip over and the flight will always end with…Read moreRead more

Discmania Hysteria DD

Discmania DD Hysteria

No ratings yet. With one of the widest rimmed discs on the market, the Hysteria is not easily gripped by everyone. Those who can grip this baby will see some amazing distance drives! With a moderately-high speed rating of 11 and a comfortable glide of 5, the Hysteria DD will give a noticeably overstable flight…Read moreRead more

Discmania Gremlin GM

Discmania Gremlin GM Blue

No ratings yet. The Greater Midrange Gremlin is a very practical disc to have in your set. The Gremlin is perfect for landing a shot at any point between 100 – 150 feet. This disc has a consistent pattern which it sails through the air to a dependable point where it slows and sets itself…Read moreRead more

Discmania PD Freak

PD Freak Red

No ratings yet. The wide rim, fast flight, and overstability of the disc gives this baby a beautifully strong spin, a strong anhyzer, and this disc pulls into a beautiful s-curve as it soars through the air. Making the PD (Power Driver) Freak a great addition to any disc golfers bag or cart! Discmania PD…Read moreRead more

Discmania Craze CD

Discmania CD Craze White

No ratings yet. The Craze CD (Control Driver) by Discmania is one of their best discs, and ,sadly, is no longer available to buy. The Craze had a moderate speed dialed in at ten with a gentle turn and an ever so slight dominant fade. Thus making it well classified as a”control river.” This is…Read moreRead more