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Discmania is more of a disc brand and distributer than a manufacturer as they sell discs manufactured by three different brands: Innova, Latitude 64, and Yikun all under the Discmania brand. To help separate who the different Dismania branded discs are manufactured by, they have simplified it into three different sub brands.

Discmania Original

These are the original discs made for Discmania by Innova Champion Discs.

Discmania Evolution

These Discmania discs are manufactured by Latitude 64 in Sweden.

Discmania Active

The active line Discmania discs are meant to be very affordable. These discs are made by the popular Chinese manufacturer Yikun and are among the least expensive Frisbee Golf discs for sale.

Discmania distributes discs with their brand out of Wellington Colorado.

Discmania PD2 Chaos

Yellow PD2

No ratings yet. The Discmania Chaos is a power driver.  This is the 2nd released in Discmanias line of driver discs. The PD2 Chaos is like an Innova Xcaliber, with a little more speed and stability. It is abnormally fast for the stability it offers. Built for the Strong-Armed pro on tour this disc is…Read more