Did you know that Frisbee Golf has tournaments and professional players?

It does.

Disc golf tournaments are one of the most intriguing parts of the game. They provide Frisbee golfers of all skill levels to have motivation to constantly tweak and improve their game. Disc golf tournaments offer different divisions and restrictions to ensure that everyone who plays frisbee golf has an opportunity to have a good time.

Professional Disc Golf Tournaments

The Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA) is the governing body of professional disc golf and tournaments. They set the rules and regulations required for competitors as well as tournament directors. Professional disc golf has a rating system (similar to a handicap system) where players all over the world can track their progress and compare how well they do against one another.

Their are four basic tiers for PDGA sanctioned tournaments:

NT – National Tour

National Tour events are the most prestigious disc golf tournaments in professional disc golf. These events are generally run by independent tournament directors, but supported and regulated by the PDGA. NT events are only for professional players, but they often have “A-Tier” side events at the same venue or general location that NT event is played at. Some of the largest disc golf events such as the Glass Blown Open have nearly 1200 competitors!


An A-Tier is a large major tournament that typically has both professional and amateur fields. A-Tier tournaments must include at least three rounds and take place over the course of several days. The PDGA requires that A-Tier events provide sufficient payout to professional players as well as merchandise for amateurs. Only disc golfers who are members of the PDGA are allowed to play in A-Tier events.


A B-Tier is a larger PDGA sanctioned event that doesn’t have quite as many payment requirements as does an A-Tier. B-Tier events can be just 2 rounds that can both be on the same day. Players who are not members of the PDGA are allowed to play in a B-Tier event as long as they pay a $10 non member fee.


A PDGA C-Tier is the smallest type of PDGA sanctioned event. These events still require that participants adhere to PDGA rules, but can be as short as just one round. Touring professionals generally do not play in C-Tier events, but the Open division is very likely to have the best local players attend.

Where to Find

There are several locations where you can find disc golf tournaments near you. Here are a few links that will help you find an up and coming tournament.