Frisbee Disc Golf Tournaments

Frisbee Disc Golf tournament is the most fascinating part of the game. The tournament provides players of all skill levels to have motivation to constantly tweak and boost their game. It offers different divisions and constraints to make sure that everyone who plays Frisbee gets an opportunity to have a wonderful time.

Professional Disc golf tournaments

The Professional Disc Golf Association is the governing body of expert disc golf and tournaments. They set the rules and regulations needed for participants along with tournament directors.

There are four basic tiers for PDGA sanctioned tournaments:

NT- National Tour

It is one of the most prestigious disc golf tournaments in professional disc golf. It is usually organized by independent tournament directors, but supported and regulated by the PDGA. National Tours are only meant for professional players. However, they have A-Tier side events at the same venue or general location that National Tour event is played at.

The National Tour is for the Open as well as Open Women’s divisions. It is developed by the PDGA as well as its marketing partners.


It is one of the major tournaments that typically have both professional and amateur fields. The tournaments in A-Tier must include at least three rounds and it takes several days to finish the tournament. The PDGA needs that A-Tier events provide adequate payout to expert players as well as merchandise for amateurs.  Only players who are members of the PDGA are permitted to play in A-Tier tournament.

A-Tier events are local events with strict obligatory for the overall purse as well as payouts. These events usually bring in some of the finest competitors in the sport, lasting between two to three days with a minimum of fifty-four holes to be completed.


A B-Tier is an enormous PDGA sanctioned event. It requires the participant adhere to PDGA rules. However, it can be just two rounds and both can be played on the same day. Player who are not the members of the PDGA are allowed to play in a B-Tier event but they have to pay a $10 non-member fee.


It is a smallest kind of PDGA authorized event.   Still it needs participants adhere to PDGA rules. This tournament can be as short as just one round. Touring experts usually do not play in C-Tier events. However, the open division is expected to have the best local players attend.

There are numerous large C-Tier events around the globe each year that fetch in hundreds of players and proffer very large payouts for both the focused and amateur divisions.

Where to Find?

You can find disc golf tournaments in various locations near you. If you want to find out disc golf tournament, visit: