Why should you play Frisbee Golf?

Frisbee Golf is a sport that everyone can play. It is easy exercise, can be played alone or as a social activity. It can be recreational or competitive, it is inexpensive, and can be addicting (but in a good way).

Easy to Learn

Unlike traditional ball golf, learning frisbee golf is very easy. Simply navigate your way around the course and throw your disc into the metal baskets in the least amount of throws as possible.

Health Benefits

Getting out, walking around, and being active is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Frisbee golf makes it easier to get out and walk around as you’re not just walking to walk, you’re walking with a purpose one hole at a time. In the average 18 hole disc golf round, a player will walk more than three miles!


Frisbee golf is one of the least expensive sports you can get into. You can literally start playing with a single $10 disc as most courses are free to play!


Frisbee golf is just plain fun. Whether you’re in it for the competitive mental game or just as an excuse to hang outside with friends, disc golf is fun.

Great Vacation Activity

When it’s time to take that vacation, wherever you are going, there is likely a frisbee golf course nearby. Because frisbee golf is low cost (usually free to play) scheduling in a round at a new course is a great way to fill the calendar when planning worthwhile vacation activities. It’s always fun to try new courses out, and you can even plan where to go on vacation based on destinations that have large numbers of highly rated courses.

Meet and Make New Friends

In most areas you will find that people who play frisbee golf are very friendly and ready to share tips and knowledge they have learned. Most areas have local leagues where you can play somewhat competitively as an opportunity to make new friends with similar interests.

Strive for Improvement

One of the most fun things about frisbee golf is that you can always improve. There is something very fulfilling about throwing a perfectly executed drive or setting a personal record on your favorite course. While your friends and family may not provide much competition, you can always play against the course and against yourself.