Vibram Launch

Orange and red Launch

No ratings yet. The Launch is a stable, straight-flying midrange from Vibram that will help beginners and slower arms gain confidence. When thrown with speed, this disc can handle head winds and gives a predictable turn at the end of it’s flight. Tail winds can take this disc a long way and give it a…Read moreRead more

Vibram Crag

White Crag

No ratings yet. The Crag is Vibram’s most overstable mid-range to date. The Crag will give more turn the harder you throw! The rim is a unique shape. The rim is deep, as well as steep, thus allowing it to handle lots of snaps. This disc is no longer available. Crag Dimensions: Diameter: 21.4 cm…Read moreRead more

Vibram Vamp

Blue Vamp

No ratings yet. The Vibram Vamp is an easy to throw understable Fairway Driver. With enough speed the Vamp has amazing glide and turn that will stretch your distance to the max, especially in lighter weights for those players with limited power. This disc is no longer available. Vamp Dimensions: Diameter: 21.0 cm Height: 1.8…Read moreRead more

Vibram Arch

Green Arch

No ratings yet. The Vibram Arch is described as a slightly slower Lace. Vibram says, “We took the amazing qualities of the Lace wing and applied them to a smaller, easier to hold (especially for smaller hands) fairway wing. The Arch offers amazing glide for a stable to overstable fairway driver. Fast, great glide and…Read moreRead more

Vibram UnLace

Tie-Die UnLace

No ratings yet. The Vibram unLace is the understable brother of the popular Lace. Like the Lace, this is a comfortable max distance driver with some incredible glide to it. The unLace will provide the extreme distance for the less experienced players, and it is described as the perfect first driver. The unLace has the…Read moreRead more

Vibram o-LACE

Orange o-LACE

No ratings yet. The oLace is Vibrams answer for players looking for an overstable distance driver that is good for sidearm and overhand throws. The oLace should be more consistent than the regular Lace, and performs better in windy conditions. It has similar dimensions to the LACE but comes with a slightly thinner rim and…Read moreRead more

Franklin Sparrow

Franklin Sparrow Midrange

No ratings yet. The RT Franklin Sparrow is the plastic shape listed as a mid-range in the Franklin Sports Disc Golf starter set. This disc is made of a soft, very un-durable plastic type that is quick to wear and easily bends. Although it is listed as a mid-range, the disc mold used is exactly…Read moreRead more

Franklin Albatross

Franklin Albatross Disc Golf Driver

No ratings yet. The RT Franklin Albatross is a piece of plastic advertised as a disc golf disc. Although it is shaped in a way similar to a disc golf driver, the aerodynamics of this “disc” do not allow it to actually fly in the air. The Albatross is so understable that on even moderate…Read moreRead more

Franklin Night Owl

Franklin Night Owl Putter

2/5 (1) The Franklin RT Night Owl is an inexpensive low profile putter in a soft plastic blend. This is a decent enough flying putt and approach discs for beginners and works for short putts as well as approach shots and drives. The plastic easily bends, but can usually be bent back to the original…Read moreRead more

Prodiscus Sparta

Blue Sparta

No ratings yet. The Sparta is the second putt and approach disc in the Prodiscus line. This Aviar type putter is one that every shot can be thrown with.  The Sparta holds up nicely when thrown with low power and has a moderate spin. Sparta Dimensions: Diameter: 21.3 cm Height: 2.0 cm Rim Depth: 1.6…Read moreRead more