Latitude 64 to Retire 7 Disc Molds

Latitude 64 Logo

No ratings yet. The #1 Swedish disc golf manufacturer Latitude 64 has just announce that they will discontinue making seven of their disc molds. The discontinued molds will be: Bryce Fuji Gobi Missilen Raketen Sarek Zion These discs are their “gimmicky” discs that they made in effort do improve disc flight and performance. These retired…Read more

Frisbee Golf Ice Bowls

No ratings yet. One neat thing about Frisbee Golf, is that tournaments are often used as fundraisers for charitable causes. The biggest national charity tournament series is probably the Ice Bowl. The Ice Bowl is an event that has been around for years designed to raise food for food banks. Participating in an Ice Bowl…Read more

Holiday Shipping

No ratings yet. [box type=”info”]As the Christmas Holiday nears, many of your will be hoping to have discs in time for the Holidays. Here are a few things to consider when planning if a disc will make it in time.[/box] Q: What is the deadline to get a package here in time for Christmas? Ordering…Read more

MVP Servo

Green Servo

No ratings yet. The Servo sounds like a slower Volt, or a faster Tangent. It’s said to be a super straight flying disc that is just as super easy to control. While the original MVP drivers (Volt, Shock, Amp) are classified as speed 8-9 drivers, the Servo follows the Resistors path with a 1.7 cm…Read more

Innova Christmas Discs

No ratings yet. Make the holidays truly special this year with Innova Christmas edition golf discs. Celebrate the holidays for years to come with these special commemorative discs. 2013 will be the year your family cherishes forever as they savor the memory of giant Christmas snowflakes and little tiny disc golfers making snow angels. Holiday…Read more