Holiday Shipping

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[box type=”info”]As the Christmas Holiday nears, many of your will be hoping to have discs in time for the Holidays. Here are a few things to consider when planning if a disc will make it in time.[/box]

Q: What is the deadline to get a package here in time for Christmas?

Ordering on the 20th before 4:00 PM (Mountain Time) is the best way to guarantee a package may arrive on time. If you are on the east coast or in Hawaii, we suggest ordering on the before 4:00 PM.

For those in Utah discs ordered on the 23rd should arrive on the 24th. To be safe we suggest you, order on the 20th.

We cannot be held liable for any packages which are delayed or lost while in transit. Please contact the package carrier for information on lost or delayed packages.

Q: How fast do you package my order
A: Our orders are processed and shipped that same day, as long as you order before 4:00 PM (Mountain Time). We are making multiple trips to our shipping couriers daily to ensure packages are delivered as quickly as possible.

Q: My package is still in transit. How can I make it get here?
A: Our role is to package the discs you ordered, and send them. Beyond that, we cannot make the postal service or any other carrier move a package faster. We wish we could, and we wish they would honor their guarantees of “2 day shipping” etc.

We are frustrated as you are when that happens, but we will not send extra discs. Late packages may happen while in transit, and you have our sympathy. If you would like to place another order and give the postal service another try, you are welcome to. In our experience, all delayed packages have eventually arrived. If you feel it is excessively slow, then please contact the postal service and/or file a claim with the postal service.

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