Black Friday Frisbee Golf Deals

No ratings yet. Do you love Black Friday Deals? Do you, or a loved one of yours love Frisbee Golf? This is your guide to Black Friday Disc Golf Deals. This post will be updated as we find out more deals, but here is what we know so far. Mystery Deals Boxes One of the…Read moreRead more

The Coolest Looking Frisbee Golf Discs You Will Ever See

No ratings yet. I just got to see the coolest looking Frisbee Golf Discs I have ever seen. Discraft has a new “full foil” disc style that looks just amazing. While most frisbee golf manufacturers hot stamp foil on discs, Discraft makes the entire disc FOIL! This enables it to sparkle and shine with different…Read moreRead more

THe poSt

No ratings yet. The MD2-Fiend is the second midrange in the Discmania line. This disc has a similar stable/overstable flight path to the MD1, but has less height and a wider deeper rim. The MD2 Fiend is a great disc for fairway shots, medium drives, and really long approaches. The MD2 is available in all…Read moreRead more

Hello world!

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